Country Coordinators

Ulrike Schmidt, Country Coordinator for Eastern Europe running a stall in Poland
Ulrike Schmidt Country Coordinator for Eastern Europe running a stall in Poland at a Roma Genocide remembrance event

We rely on a network of volunteer country specialists who work directly with researchers at our International Secretariat to ensure that we remain engaged and informed of human rights developments around the world, including those that might not directly relate to any one of our core campaigns, or work on individuals.
We call these specialists Country Coordinators and together they make up the Country Coordinators Forum.

These dedicated volunteers are organised into 13 regional teams, each covering a defined geo-political area of the world. A Regional Coordinator leads every regional team and they help to shape the work of the team as a whole - developing ‘regional action plans’ with their team. 
Local groups can opt-in to work on one or more of these 13 regions and are then supported directly by their regional team of coordinators.

World regions

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The Coordinators Steering Committee

To ensure that the 13 regional teams can share and develop best practice, the regional coordinators sit on the Coordinators Steering Committee. When it gets together at our Annual General Meeting, the Country Coordinators Forum also elects a Chair and Vice-Chair to this Committee.

The team

  • Chair Basia Giezek
  • Vice-Chair Chris Peel


  • North America and Caribbean Sue Bingham
  • Central America Tilly Lavenas
  • South America Graham Minter
  • Middle East and Gulf Paul Dawson
  • North Africa Beverley Foulkes-Jones
  • West and Central Africa Deepa Shah
  • Horn and East Africa Beatrice Mahoney
  • Southern Africa Susan Kurr
  • Former Soviet Union Barrie Hay 
  • Europe 
  • South Asia Jerry Allen
  • South-East Asia & Pacific James Lovatt
  • China and East Asia Kenny Latunde-Dada

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Country Coordinator role description