Local Groups are at the heart of what we do. They offer powerful support to campaigns, raise vital funds and represent Amnesty in their local community.

With over 280 groups across the UK you're bound to find one that suits your needs, just search below.

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Are you a student who's passionate about human rights?

There are over a hundred Amnesty student groups around the UK. And if there's not yet one at your uni, find out how you could bring human rights activism to your campus!

Are you under 18 and want to stand up for human rights?

Join or start your own youth group at your school or college to campaign and fundraise for human rights. Or get involved as an individual by joining our Youth Urgent Action Network.


Our four specialist networks cover Trade Union, Women’s, Children’s and LGBTI rights. We also have a network for teachers interested in bringing human rights into their classroom.

Whether driven by personal or professional interest, members put their skills to work on these issues. In taking action together and sharing information they achieve great results.