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Set up a local group

Setting Up a Local Amnesty Group

Considering starting a local Amnesty group in your area? We're here to support passionate individuals like you in establishing active local groups. If you're interested, please contact us at We'll guide you through the process, offer advice on best practices, and help you take the necessary steps to get your group up and running.

Make the Group Official

To become an official Amnesty local group with access to support and voting rights at the AGM, affiliation is required. Along with affiliation, appointing a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, as key roles within your group, is essential.  

You can affiliate your local group by completing our online form or by printing, filling out, and returning this form via along with the £72 annual membership fee.

Engaging with a local group provides various opportunities for involvement; however, these key roles must be filled:

  • The chair leads group meetings and serves as the group's spokesperson. While some groups choose a rotational approach or co-chairing, the chair's responsibilities remain consistent. These include chairing meetings and setting agendas. They are also tasked with delegating tasks to distribute workload fairly members. Additionally, the chairperson represents the group externally, engaging with local contacts and interacting with the press. It's important to note that the chair must complete essential training within the first three months of the role; otherwise, they are required to step down.
  • The secretary ensures the group's continuity by managing correspondence, including emails and official documents. They serve as the primary contact for the group with AIUK office staff, the Activism Representative. The secretary oversees mail distribution within the group. The secretary cannot unsubscribe from the local group monthly mailing or governance emails. They are also responsible for maintaining an accurate and secure member list in compliance with Amnesty's data protection policy.
  • The treasurer ensures proper financial management, enabling effective campaigning and fundraising. By managing finances well, treasurers influence the amount local groups can contribute to Amnesty International UK, directly impacting AIUK's central campaigning efforts. For a detailed description, visit: Amnesty Group Roles Guide - Treasurer.