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What is a local group?

Local groups are vital to Amnesty International UK's activist movement. Whether you are an experienced grassroots campaigner or new to activism, joining a local group provides an avenue to collaborate with individuals who share your passion and drive for meaningful change.

Roles and Responsibilities of Local Groups

Local groups undertake a broad range of activities, including campaigning locally on human rights issues, advocating for individual cases, and fundraising. Additionally, these groups meet annually at the National Conference and the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

By engaging with your local group, you can contribute to:

  • Campaigning on human rights within your local community 
  • Fundraising to support our ongoing work  
  • Raising awareness locally by organising events, stalls, and community engagement activities 
  • Lobbying Members of Parliament (MPs) on human rights issues 

Search for a local group near you here. If you cannot find a suitable group, consider establishing a new local group.

Support for Local Groups

We recognise the vital role of local groups in building a powerful human rights movement in the UK. The support we offer includes:

Community Organiser – Local Activism

The Community Organiser - Local Activism offers tailored support to local activists, including local groups, area networks and individuals who want to get involved in human rights activism. They provide guidance and training on local campaigning and community organising.

Community Groups Fundraiser

The Community Groups Fundraiser is the main contact for activist groups regarding fundraising and affiliation. They offer guidance on fundraising activities and maintain contact with local group Treasurers.  
For more information on fundraising with your group, read our fundraising guidelines

For more information on the role of treasurer, read our local group treasurer’s guide.

Activism @ Amnesty UK

The Activism Inbox is monitored by Supporter Communications staff and provides a dedicated channel for all Amnesty activism inquiries. 

Activism Representatives

Volunteer Activism Representatives are elected by local groups to serve as regional coordinators. They play a key role in facilitating and supporting local activist activities, including local groups and area networks. Their responsibilities include promoting collaboration among groups, facilitating knowledge exchange, and upholding Amnesty UK's principles of safeguarding, inclusion, diversity, equity, anti-racism (IDEA), and data protection in all activities. 

Resources for Activists

We offer a variety of resources to support local group meetings, campaigning, fundraising, and events. Explore key resources and fundraising materials tailored for local groups here