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What is a local group?

Local groups are vital to our work. Whether you're an old hand at grass roots campaigning, or you've never done anything like this at all, you'll enjoy meeting like-minded people and really making a difference.

'Since joining our friendly local group I have learned so much from other members about human rights, and they are interested to hear my views too'
Gregory Patrick Udeh, Wandsworth group, London

What local groups do

Local groups carry out a wide range of activities from campaigning on individuals to raising money for human rights. Most of the time groups work within their local area, engaging their communities in campaigns, but they also get together at annual Activism Conferences and at the AGM. 

By joining your local group you could be involved in:

  • Letter writing and other forms of action on behalf of individuals whose rights have been abused.
  • Raising awareness about human rights through your local press
  • Organising events and stalls and getting involved in local activities
  • Lobbying MPs and MEPs to hold the government to account on human rights
  • Campaigning on the issues that matter to you, including women's rights, torture and individuals at risk
  • Fundraising to support our work

Groups usually meet once a month and with more than 285 local groups across the UK, you are sure to find one that suits you.

Search for a group near you

Can't find one? Why not set up a local group? 

How we support local groups

Because local groups do such important work keeping our movement alive and engaging their local communities in human rights, we make sure we're there to support them every step of the way. We do this through:

Groups Campaigner

The groups campaigner is our staff member responsible for providing groups with the support they need. As the first point of contact for local groups the campaigner is always there to help and also produces the materials groups need to carry out their vital work, including Monthly Mailings and the annual Planning Pack.

Activism Representatives

Activism Representatives are volunteers who coordinate and support local group activities in their area.

There are Activism Representatives for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and 10 geographic regions in England.

Activism Representatives stay informed of all the work that groups in their area are doing. They are a point of contact with, and provide support to, the local groups in their area. They also help with setting new groups up and provide a crucial link between our staff and local groups communicating any issues, concerns and achievements.

Activism Representatives help groups to work together and increase their impact in an area. They also arrange joint training sessions for groups and help them to make best use of our training resources.

National Offices

As well as our head office in London, we have offices in Belfast and Edinburgh that support our campaigning and fundraising in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The Director of Nations and Regions also supports our work in Wales. Staff at these offices provide a focus for groups' campaigning in these regions of the UK, and all the resources they need.

Local Trainer

We have a well established training programme and many volunteer trainers available to deliver workshops at group meetings. These workshops are totally free and can be adapted to suit a groups' needs.

Resources for activists

We produce a wide range of materials for groups. From short guides to help groups in campaigning to leaflets to use at events, we have got most areas covered. Search for resources.

Set up a local group

Find out how to set up a local group