Activism Representatives

Activism Representative are the voluntary lead activists who coordinate and support local Amnesty groups across the UK.

There are Activism Reps for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and 10 geographic regions in England.

Activism Reps have a vital role in building the Amnesty movement, helping Amnesty’s local groups to develop and maintain relationships with diverse people and organisations in their communities. They support local groups to organise campaigns for human rights, connect local groups with each other and with other activist structures (country coordinators, networks, student and youth groups) in their areas.  Activism Reps represent Amnesty International UK in both their respective communities and online.

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Activism Representatives vacancies

We have opportunities in all areas of the UK.

If you are interested in being an Activism Rep, please fill in the form below or contact

Please see the role outline below for details of what this lead activist role involves.

  • Co-ordinate campaigns for human rights in your area.
  • Build teams that are committed to human rights change.
  • Coach activists through organising and winning local campaigns.
  • Work with an experienced group of fellow Activism Reps where you can learn and share learnings.

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Activism Reps Forum Terms of Reference
Activism Rep Role Description