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Activism Representatives

Activism Representative are elected voluntary lead activists who support local Amnesty groups across the UK. There are Activism Representatives for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and 10 geographic regions in England.

What an Activism Representatives will do:

  • Support Regional Activism: Support local activist activities (including Local Groups and area networks) in your region. This will include engaging them with national Amnesty activist channels to support thematic and country specific campaigning.
  • Foster Learning Environments: Facilitate knowledge exchange and skill development.
  • Support Regional Events: Assist in events, including those led by the Amnesty UK office.
  • Uphold Principles: Prioritise principles of safeguarding, inclusion, diversity, equity and anti-racism (IDEA) and data protection in all activities. Adhere to relevant Amnesty International UK policies and guidelines including our Activist Code of Conduct and the Activist Led Campaign Framework.

Activism Representatives election

Activism Representatives are elected by local groups within the region, with a 2-year term to ensure regular and fair democratic elections. Each local group will have one vote per group to elect a volunteer Activism Representative for their region.

The nomination deadline has ended, however because we did not receive any nominations for the regions of East Anglia, Wales and East Midlands, we will keep the nomination link open for these regions.

If you are interested in nominating yourself for Activism Rep elections, please fill in this form

Nominate yourself here

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Activism Reps Forum Terms of Reference
Activism Rep Role Description