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Aug 30 2020 8:17 pm
Qatar: new laws to protect migrant workers welcomed

Monthly minimum wage introduced, while changing jobs without employer's permission now possible Migrant workers previously ‘at the mercy of abusive employers’ ‘This is an encouraging sign that Qatar...

Aug 30 2020 12:01 am
Burundi: Journalist Jean Bigirimana now missing 1,500 days

On International Day of the Disappeared, Amnesty International is calling for the truth regarding the whereabouts of Burundi journalist Jean Bigirimana. Today marks 1,500 days since Jean went missing...

Aug 28 2020 12:01 am
India: Delhi police committed multiple human rights abuses during February riots - new briefing

Police in Delhi must be investigated for committing multiple human rights abuses during riots in the Indian state in February, Amnesty International India said in a new briefing published today. The...

Aug 27 2020 5:51 pm
Saudi Arabia: review of death sentences against three young men welcomed

Controversial case of Ali al-Nimr and two other Shia activists to be reviewed All three arrested as juveniles and sentenced to death after allegedly suffering torture Announcement ‘is a significant...

Aug 27 2020 12:46 pm
Northern Ireland: Amnesty calls for support for victims as domestic violence figures at highest level since records began

New figures reveal over 32,000 domestic abuse incidents in the last 12 months Amnesty calls for funding for victim support organisations from the Northern Ireland Executive ‘This is a life and death...

Aug 26 2020 9:15 pm
USA: protesters' safety must be ensured in Kenosha

Dangerous permit-less ‘open-carry’ laws in Wisconsin should be repealed ‘The US is failing to protect people’s right to live and to protest safety’ - Ernest Coverson Following reports that two...

Aug 26 2020 3:07 pm
Belarus: 16 NGOs call on United Nations to convene special session on crackdown

Open letter to UN Human Rights Council calls for investigation and accountability Reports that hundreds were tortured in detention ‘We are concerned that if the authorities’ actions go unchallenged...

Aug 25 2020 4:32 pm
Bosnia: Entire region sets up refugee roadblocks as vigilantes raid buses

Police using roadblocks, house raids and forcible removals to restrict refugees, migrants and people seeking asylum Families forced off buses by vigilantes and left stranded ‘This decision to further...

Aug 25 2020 11:29 am
Angola: Police kill teenagers during lockdown enforcement - investigation

Police and armed forces targeted youths from poor neighbourhoods as they supposedly enforced mask-wearing and other coronavirus measures 14-year-old boy shot in head by police as he bought sugar for...

Aug 20 2020 5:35 pm
Belarus: Prosecutor general's criminal case against opposition leaders condemned

‘If anything is threatening peace and security in Belarus, it is the authorities’ violence against their own people’ - Bruce Millar The Prosecutor General of Belarus has launched a criminal case...