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Northern Ireland: Amnesty predicts 2015 court challenge to same-sex marriage ban

Amnesty International has welcomed the first same-sex weddings in Scotland and said it looked forward to a court challenge in

Eastern Ukraine: humanitarian disaster looms as food aid blocked by pro-Kiev battalions

‘Using starvation of civilians as a method of warfare is a war crime’ - Denis Krivosheev

Iraq: new briefing on Yezidi women and girls kidnapped and turned into sex slaves by Islamic State

‘Many of those held as sexual slaves are children - girls aged 14, 15 or even younger’ - Donatella Rovera

New letter to Prime Minister on need for judge-led inquiry into UK complicity in torture

‘No10 is acting like it’s afraid to turn over too many stones for fear of what it might find underneath’ - Kate Allen

Arms Trade Treaty: 128 states sign up to tougher global arms controls

China, Canada and Russia yet to sign North Korea, Iran, Syria - only three voted against the Treaty

North Korea film: Amnesty releases 'The Other Interview' following Sony film withdrawal

Amnesty International today released a trailer for its upcoming film “The Other Interview” as it was announced that a high-profile comedy film about North Korea would not be screened in

Over 40 Warwick University academics demand release of former student jailed in the UAE

More than 40 legal academics from Warwick University have written to the UAE government to demand the release of former student Mohammed al-Roken, a prisoner of conscience currently serving a ten-y

Pakistan: resuming executions is 'not the answer' to Peshawar school tragedy

‘Lifting the moratorium on executions appears to be a knee-jerk reaction’ - David Griffiths