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UN Security Council: Amnesty reacts to historic resolution calling on Israel to cease settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territories

UN Security Council: Historic resolution calls on Israel to cease settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territories

Mosul, Iraq: injured and traumatised children caught up in a gathering 'humanitarian crisis'

Badly injured and traumatised children self-harming and bed-wetting

Cluster munitions in Yemen: UK should halt all arms sales to Saudi Arabia

‘Cluster bombs are just more proof of the sheer recklessness of the Saudi coalition’s tactics in Yemen’ - Kate Allen

Aleppo: UN Security Council resolution long overdue

‘UN monitors should not just observe but also be allowed to investigate war crimes being committed’ - Sherine Tadros

Crimea: 'ruthless' Russian authorities have crushed opposition to annexation - new report

Ethnic Tatars bearing brunt of crackdown, while opposition leader forcibly confined to psychiatric institution

Aleppo: United Nations monitors must be allowed in

Renewed shelling of civilians is ‘shameful yet unsurprising’

Philippines: Duterte giving police a 'licence to kill' with 5,000 executed since July

Responding to remarks made by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte that he “personally” killed suspected criminals while serving as mayor of the city of Davao, Rafendi Djamin, Amnesty

Aleppo: reports of execution-style killings point to war crimes

Urgent call for independent monitors to ensure civilian protection and humanitarian access for life-saving aid

Ethiopia: Social media and news websites blocked by government to prevent protests

Google transparency report shows dramatic drop in internet traffic out of Ethiopia on two days when at least 100 people were killed by security forces during protest