Oct 28 2016 4:15 pm
Greece: Syrian refugees deceived and returned to Turkey

“They lied to us”: testimony shows refugees were told they were going to Athens Asylum claims and procedural guarantees ignored

Oct 28 2016 2:21 pm
Iraq: warning over use of white phosphorus around Mosul

The use of white phosphorus around the city of Mosul could pose a deadly risk to civilians fleeing the fighting in the coming days and weeks, Amnesty International said today.

Oct 27 2016 7:13 pm
Northern Ireland: A woman seeking an abortion is not a criminal warns Amnesty, in response to latest prosecution

‘A woman who needs an abortion is not a criminal. The law should not treat her as such.’ - Patrick Corrigan Amnesty International has called for a change to Northern Ireland’s abortion law, as it was revealed that a…

Oct 27 2016 6:04 pm
Iraq: new testimony shows ISIS taking human shields in battle for Mosul

Civilians kept in schools, homes and other locations near ISIS fighters

Oct 27 2016 5:04 pm
Albert Woodfox - man who spent 43 years in solitary confinement - in London to launch Amnesty letter-writing campaign.

‘Angola 3’ pair Albert Woodfox and Robert King launch Amnesty's Write for Rights campaign

Oct 26 2016 5:49 pm
Azerbaijan: youth activist jailed for ten years after spraying graffiti on former president's statue

‘Giyas Ibrahimov’s sentence is an absolute travesty of justice’ - Denis Krivosheev

Oct 26 2016 1:26 pm
Spain must not aid Russian warships bound for Syria

Responding to reports that a flotilla of Russian warships destined for Syria is considering refuelling at Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in North Africa, Samah Hadid, Deputy Director of Campaigns at Amne

Oct 26 2016 12:00 am
300 civilians killed in just 11 US-led coalition air strikes in Syria - new analysis

US authorities must ‘come clean’ about full extent of civilian deaths caused by coalition attacks in Syria