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Dec 30 2006 12:00 am
Iraq: Amnesty International deplores execution of Saddam Hussein

Amnesty International deplored the execution today of Saddam Hussein following the confirmation of his sentence by the Iraqi Appeals Court on 26 December 2006. The organisation, which totally opposes...

Dec 22 2006 12:00 am
Iran: Amnesty condemns flogging of woman forced into prostitution, appeals against stoning of others

Amnesty International today condemned as 'cruel, inhuman and degrading' the flogging of a woman charged with adultery after she was allegedly forced into prostitution by her husband. ‘Parisa’ was...

Dec 21 2006 12:00 am
Eritrea: Over 500 parents of conscripts arrested

Resorting to collective punishment, the Eritrean government has arrested over 500 relatives, mostly parents, of young men and Women's rights's rightss rights's rights's rights's rights who have either...

Dec 20 2006 12:00 am
Israel/Lebanon: New appeal launched as cluster bomb death toll mounts

26 dead, 186 injured as Israel fails to hand over vital cluster bomb mapsAmnesty International has issued a new ‘urgent action’ appeal over unexploded cluster bombs in Lebanon following the Israel...

Dec 19 2006 12:00 am
Libya: Death sentences for foreign medics condemned

Amnesty International condemned the decision of a Libyan court today to sentence to death five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor after convicting them of knowingly infecting hundreds of Libyan...

Dec 18 2006 12:00 am
UK: Amnesty welcomes NI Bill of Rights Forum

Amnesty International has welcomed the establishment by the Government of the Northern Ireland Bill of Rights Forum, which has its preliminary meeting today at Parliament Buildings, Stormont.Amnesty...

Dec 15 2006 12:00 am
UN/Sudan (Darfur): A timid response by UN Human Rights Council on Darfur Crisis

Amnesty International welcomed the resolution adopted by the UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday (13 Dec) to create a mission to assess the human rights situation in Darfur, but regrets that the...

Dec 14 2006 12:00 am
UK: The killing of Jean Charles De Menezes - High Court misses an opportunity

Today, the High Court of England and Wales dismissed the legal challenge brought by the family of Jean Charles de Menezes against the prosecuting authorities’ decision not to bring criminal charges...

Dec 14 2006 12:00 am
Singapore: Government is abusing the law to muzzle its critics

Amnesty International has called on the Singapore government to stop using restrictive laws and defamation suits to muzzle critics and opposition party members.Dr Chee Soon Juan, Secretary General of...

Dec 14 2006 12:00 am
Chile: Death of Pinochet is not the end of the story

Amnesty International today called on the Chilean authorities to ensure that the recent death of Augusto Pinochet is not used as an excuse to further delay legal proceedings against others suspected...