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Syria: new campaign on missing lawyer to mark international 'disappearances' day

‘Khalil Ma’touq has disappeared into the yawning chasm of Syria’s secret and deeply frightening detention system’ - Kristyan Benedict

Japan: Hanging of two men this morning 'dismal news'

The execution of two men in Japan this morning is dismal news and part of a grim pattern of a return to the death penalty in Japan under Prime Minister Abe, Amnesty International said today.

Fresh call for UK to suspend arms to Israel after resumption of hostilities

‘Ministers should stop re-writing their own rules and remember they’re supposed to be stopping … human rights violations’

Libya: shocking new video shows public execution in football stadium

Crouching man shot dead in killing organised by Shura Council of Islamic Youth in lawless city of Derna

Beheading of journalist James Foley a war crime - killer must face justice

The execution-style killing by the Islamic State (IS) armed group of a US reporter who went missing in Syria constitutes a war crime and highlights the urgent need for all states with influence in

Gaza: Israel 'playing games' as human rights organisations denied access

Israel should immediately allow access to Gaza for Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other international human rights organisations so they can investigate allegations of serious violat

Saudi Arabia: four family members executed for hashish possession amid 'disturbing' surge in executions

The execution of four members of the same family in Saudi Arabia today is part of a “disturbing” recent surge in the use of the death penalty, said Amnesty International.

Morocco: Two people report torture, get imprisoned for slander

Woman reported being beaten, man reported being burned and raped with fingers