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Apr 30 2014 6:57 pm
USA: botched execution in Oklahoma should lead to halt of all executions

‘What happened last night to Clayton Lockett is shocking in anyone’s book’ - Rob Freer

Apr 30 2014 5:14 pm
Syria: with situation 'beyond catastrophic', UN must act on humanitarian aid

‘The humanitarian situation in Syria is beyond catastrophic’ - José Luis Díaz

Apr 30 2014 3:11 pm
Brunei: New laws allowing stoning, whipping and amputation will 'take country back to the dark ages'

Brunei’s shocking new Penal Code “will take the country back to the dark ages” when it comes to human rights, Amnesty International said today.

Apr 30 2014 10:21 am
Pakistan: Media under siege - New report

Five journalists killed so far this year

Apr 29 2014 5:28 pm
Iraq: tomorrow's elections to be held amid violence and human rights abuses

‘The challenges for any incoming government will extend far beyond restoring security’ - Said Boumedouha

Apr 29 2014 2:23 pm
Amnesty: Legal challenge now inevitable as Northern Ireland fails to legislate for equal marriage

Amnesty International has repeated its warning of a likely legal challenge if Northern Ireland is left as the only part of the UK without marriage rights for same-sex couples.

Apr 29 2014 1:05 pm
Australia: Denial of access to Nauru offshore asylum detention centre is latest attempt to avoid public scrutiny

Nauru’s refusal to grant Amnesty International access to its Australian-run asylum seeker detention centre appears to be the latest attempt to avoid public scrutiny of the treatment of asylum

Apr 29 2014 12:00 am
Greece's policy of violently 'pushing back' Syrian refugees condemned - new report

‘It was as if I never left the war’ - Syrian refugee girl describing Greek coastguards shooting at their refugee boat

Apr 28 2014 4:01 pm
Scotland: Salmond should not take pride in praise for Putin

Siobhan Reardon, Programme Director for Amnesty International Scotland, said:

Apr 28 2014 3:50 pm
Egypt: 683 new death sentences in Muslim Brotherhood trial shows 'complete contempt' for justice

683 sentenced to death follows confirmed death sentences for 37 others