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Jun 13 2023 3:43PM
Solidarity with Sudan

Speech by Patrick Corrigan, Amnesty International UK, to the Solidarity with Sudan vigil held at Belfast City Hall on June 10 2023

May 28 2023 7:47PM
Speeches by Tiananmen Mothers at the 34th Anniversary of June 4th

六四34周年:天安门母亲代表发言稿 34th anniversary of June 4: Speech on behalf of Tiananmen Mothers… 六四34周年:祭文 34th Anniversary of June Fourth: A Tribute http://www...

May 12 2023 11:45AM
Why anti-protest policing over the Coronation weekend is the writing on the wall

Anti-protest arrests made on Saturday provide real life examples of those warnings coming to fruition, demonstrating why it’s imperative that these draconian and repressive anti-protests laws are scrapped at the earliest opportunity.

Apr 27 2023 3:29PM
Inhumane, Racist, and Divisive: 5 Things You need to know about the Immigration bill

If you're concerned about the UK's latest immigration bill, you're not alone. The bill has sparked outrage and is inhumane, divisive, and racist. It carries far-reaching consequences that threaten to dismantle our asylum system and...

Apr 26 2023 3:51PM
The Public Order Bill: Explained

The UK Government's Public Order bill has passed. Find out what this means below: Today (26 April 2023) the final stages of the Public Order Bill finally passed the House of Lords. The bill will introduce yet more draconian powers to...