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Feb 13 2024 10:35AM

So, when someone asks if it is it safe to go to Kashmir as a tourist, the answer is, yes tourists are safe in Kashmir, but Kashmiris live in fear of a knock on the door.

Feb 13 2024 10:30AM
Observations during the election campaign and on election day in Bangladesh

The recent elections ended with Bangladesh effectively becoming a one-party state. The AIUK Country Coordinator for Bangladesh and Bernhard Hertlein, the AI Germany Bangladesh expert, were both in Bangladesh observing the sad events.

Feb 2 2024 4:31PM
Dan Glass: Standing on the shoulders of giants

This LGBT+ History Month, we are profiling the work of Dan Glass, an activist with AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP), as well as a writer, performer and presenter.

Jan 25 2024 2:24PM
Press Release: Scotland must 'show its workings' on International Relations and human rights

The Scottish Government must do more to show how the human rights records of states are considered in its international activity, Amnesty International has warned. Following the publication of the Scottish Government’s International...

Jan 5 2024 11:53AM
Help release activists, journalists and human rights defenders detained by the Algerian authorities

On the 20th of September 2023, Amnesty International launched a new campaign to help put an end to Algeria’s mounting climate of repression.