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Jun 29 2017 3:25PM
Book your free place on the Student Media Summit 2017
Book your free place to hear talks from Owen Jones, Shaunagh Connaire and Jessica Winch
Jun 29 2017 11:42AM
Join London demo: free Liu Xiaobo & all other PoC, solidarity with HK universal suffrage 倫敦七一抗議:自由劉曉波等所有良心犯,聲援香港真普選
A demonstration to call for immediate and unconditional release of the Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo and all other prisoners of conscience currently held in China; a solidarity action with the struggle for universal suffrage in Hong Kong.
Jun 22 2017 1:50PM
Hate crimes in the UK – the victims’ stories
Every year hundreds of thousands of people in the United Kingdom are attacked and harassed – physically or verbally – because they are perceived as ‘different’. Why? Perh...
Jun 21 2017 6:35PM
Six human rights take homes from the Queen’s Speech
So, what is this Queen’s Speech and why does it matter? Well for some it is the highlight of the political calendar…for the pomp and ceremony alone it is worth a look. Th...
Jun 19 2017 10:00PM
Win VIP tickets to Wireless Festival
Festival season is here — and it's one of our favourite times of the year. There's a unique atmosphere of community and positivity at these festivals that's hard to find...