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May 11 2020 11:21AM
Secret Messages - Bite Size Activity

We all have the right to privacy. Celebrate this right by sending secret messages!

May 11 2020 11:13AM
Self Portrait - Bite Size Activity

Human rights belong to everybody. Celebrate what makes you unique with a self-portrait. Can you create a gallery of self-portraits by your friends and family?

May 7 2020 2:21PM
What about the children?

By Les Walton CBE Chair of the Association of Education Advisers AoEA The regular Government press briefings quite rightly regularly report on the impact of the Coronavirus on the NHS and the economy. Increasing we are now hearing...

May 1 2020 11:35AM
Let children be heard: a failure to listen to children during the pandemic is a children’s rights issue.

By Holly Shorey, Vice Chair, Amnesty Children's Human Rights Network How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting children’s rights? The current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us, and all of us in different ways. Each generation is...

May 1 2020 11:26AM
Helping Hands - Bite Size Activity

Human rights belong to everybody. What can we do to help friends, family and people in our communities? Ask everyone in your home to paint their hands and make a print on a piece of paper. When