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Apr 25 2023 1:24PM
Amnesty Scotland Briefing - Refugee Ban Bill

This afternoon (Tuesday 25th April) the Scottish Parliament will debate the UK Government's Illegal Migration Bill, dubbed the 'Refugee Ban Bill'. The Scottish Government has lodged the following motion to be debated by MSPs: That the...

Apr 5 2023 12:22PM
The UK's Cruel Immigration Bill: Explained

The UK Government's latest immigration bill not only threatens to dismantle our asylum system, but also carries alarming implications for families, children, citizenship and human rights. With far-reaching consequences, this bill...

Mar 28 2023 11:19AM
Amnesty International Letter to the First Minister

Amnesty International has written to Scotland's new First Minister Humza Yousaf inviting him to meet rights organisations and campaigners to agree a ‘human rights agenda’ for Scotland. Naomi McAuliffe, Amnesty's Scotland Director...

Mar 23 2023 11:47AM
Refugee Ban Bill

Earlier this month the House of Commons passed the UK Government's Illegal Immigration or 'Refugee Ban' Bill at second reading - the latest but most inhumane and targeted attack on human rights we have seen. The Bill is expected to...

Mar 21 2023 3:23PM
Knowledge is power - Shining a light on child rights in school libraries

This moving novel for young adults will inspire a new generation of storytellers from all different backgrounds