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Welcome to our priority campaigns blog, with the latest news and more indepth analysis of our bigger campaigns.

Our priorities change as human rights changes around the world, and right now we're focusing on our Stop Torture, My Body, My Rights, and Save the Human Rights Act campaigns. But you'll also find comments and updates on our work on Syria, LGBTI rights and human rights abuses by corporate companies.

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Mar 26 2020 3:07PM
Covid-19 intensifies the humanitarian crisis for Palestinians
Given the rapid, barely-contained spread of coronavirus around the world, there could be a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza if urgent action is not taken. Or, to be more accurate, there could be an intensification of an existing humani...

About this blog

We're the human rights education team at Amnesty International UK.


We'll be blogging on how we can help you connect campaigning to the classroom, bring human rights to life, and other education news. And please ask us questions and let us know what you'd like to see more of!

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Mar 17 2020 1:35PM
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Then and Now
Knowing how to claim our human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is fundamental to Amnesty's vision of a world where every person enjoys those rights. What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rig

About this blog

The Urgent Action Network is made up of 150,000 people around the world who are outraged by injustice and prepared to act swiftly at critical moments to stop it.

Urgent action is based on a simple idea: when someone is in immediate danger of serious abuse, the government responsible for perpetrating or failing to prevent that abuse will receive thousands of faxes, telegrams, emails and air-letters from every part of the globe. Those messages tell the authorities that the world is watching, and create pressure to stop the abuse.

We'll update you on Urgent Action cases, good news stories and other interesting facts and information we hear about from our campaigners.  We hope it will persaude you to join the Urgent Action Network!

Latest post
Mar 4 2020 11:52AM
How much would you risk for basic women’s rights?
Here in the UK and in my home country, USA, women are often put in positions in which our physical safety and bodily autonomy are at risk, but at the same time, we haven’t really had to fight for our rights in the way many other women...

About this blog

Rights and Realities features the latest insights and analysis from Amnesty International UK’s policy experts on women’s rights, military, security and police, economic affairs, human rights law in the UK, and refugee and migrant rights.

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Mar 3 2020 11:17AM
In the wake of the Weinstein verdict we need to keep breaking down rape myths
Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty of serious sexual assault offences. After the first conviction of the #MeToo era, when it comes to sex, consent is everything. There are no blurred lines.

About this blog

We take literature seriously. As a tool for empathy, for education and for awareness-raising it is almost unrivalled.

Follow this blog to stay up-to-date with our latest publications and initiatives and to hear from guest writers passionate about human rights.

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Feb 13 2020 2:15PM
An unjust deportation system
On Tuesday, the Government deported around 20 people on a flight to Jamaica. It had intended to deport many more but was prevented from doing so by a court when it was clear that some people had received no proper opportunity to secure