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About this blog

We're the human rights education team at Amnesty International UK.


We'll be blogging on how we can help you connect campaigning to the classroom, bring human rights to life, and other education news. And please ask us questions and let us know what you'd like to see more of!

Latest post
Jul 10 2024 3:24PM
Reflections on the DfE Draft Relationship and Sex Education Guidance from our Youth Collective

Highlighting the issues raised by the 2024 RSHE consultation - which attacks children’s right to education, and the rights of LGBT students - and encouraging you to stand alongside Amnesty UK against it.

About this blog

Over the last 75 years, human rights have underpinned many of the positive transformations that the world has seen. Though we are currently facing many challenges, from unprecedented levels of homelessness to international conflict, we believe that starting with human rights is the way forward.

In this collection of essays, we bring together experts to present the case that, whatever the challenge, human rights provide solutions. Human rights are the answer.

Latest post
Jun 27 2024 12:07PM
Gender-based Violence and Homelessness by Gabriela Quevedo

Gabriela Quevedo from Latin American Women’s Aid (LAWA) explains the challenges and opportunities for supporting Black and minoritised survivors of violence – who struggle to obtain support and justice from public authorities

About this blog

Welcome to our priority campaigns blog, with the latest news and more indepth analysis of our bigger campaigns.

Our priorities change as human rights changes around the world, and right now we're focusing on our Stop Torture, My Body, My Rights, and Save the Human Rights Act campaigns. But you'll also find comments and updates on our work on Syria, LGBTI rights and human rights abuses by corporate companies.

Latest post
Jun 27 2024 11:58AM
Can we expect the next government to Make Homelessness History?

Written by Jen Clark, Economic Social and Cultural Rights Lead at Amnesty UK "Homelessness is a profound assault on dignity, social inclusion and the right to life.” Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing ( A/HRC/43/43...

About this blog

Amnesty works on almost every country on the planet. Our volunteer country specialists help us keep on top of reports and research about human rights abuses, and this is their take on our work.

Latest post
Jun 20 2024 11:47AM
Sri Lanka - Protect the Protest

A new campaign on the Families of the Disappeared coming soon.

About this blog

Amnesty Feminists Network exists to campaign for a world where nobody suffers discrimination, exclusion or violence because of their sex or gender identity.

Latest post
Jun 19 2024 5:09PM
Pride is a Protest - in solidarity and in defiance

Why this year I’ll be at the Dyke March and not ‘Pride in London’.