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Amnesty works on almost every country on the planet. Our volunteer country specialists help us keep on top of reports and research about human rights abuses, and this is their take on our work.

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Oct 15 2019 4:54PM
Would you want this woman as your best friend?
I want "Would you want this woman" above the photo and "to be your best friend?" below, the question and the photo forming the title of the blog. The best friend of Aster Fissehatsion was the Minister of Justice of Eritrea

About this blog

Alongside our letter-writing and actions by our supporters, we work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make sure our human rights messages get through to those in power.

This is our policy and advocacy team's thoughts on the UK Government's human rights' stance, at home and abroad.

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Oct 11 2019 2:45PM
Understanding poverty and social rights through lived experience
Written by Thomas Croft and Moraene Roberts, National Coordination Team of ATD Fourth World. Too many people are falling through gaps in service provision in the UK today. Many have no choice but to sleep rough and resort to food banks...

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The death penalty is the ultimate in cruel and inhumane treatment. It reduces the state to the role of killer, and we believe it should never be used - no ifs, no buts.

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Oct 10 2019 2:51PM
Ndume Olatushani: 20 years on death row for a crime he didn't commit
Ndume Olatushani spent 28 years in a Tennessee prison - 20 years on death row - for a crime that he did not commit: the 1983 murder of Joe Belenchia. Twenty years of legal battles uncovered that evidence against him had been fabricated...

About this blog

This blog is the central hub for information from the Children's Human Rights Network and is updated by volunteers from the Network Committee. Here you will find details of news, actions and events on children's rights.

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You can contact us by email at childrensnetwork@amnesty.org.uk. You can also find us on facebook and twitter.

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Oct 6 2019 9:37PM
Votes for children: the case for Universal Suffrage
Blog by Katherine Walton - Chair of Amnesty UK's Children's Human Rights Network Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights demands that “everyone” has the right to partake in their government, either by voting on things d...

About this blog

#WellLit is a space for children and young people to review new books through a human rights lens. It platforms their voices and opinions to explore connections between literature and human rights.

Here you can find out what they really think about books that were written for them.