Sep 18 2013 3:16PM
Sudan: Woman at risk of flogging for not wearing headscarf
Update: The judge of Jabal Awliya court postponed Amira Osman Hamed’s trial until 4 November. This is to give Sudan’s Attorney General time to consider a written request...
Sep 2 2013 2:27PM
Silenced Iranian blogger on hunger strike
Update 5 September: Hossein has ended his hunger strike due to concern over the health of his mother, who had started her own in support. Reports suggest that Hossein is...
Aug 23 2013 3:12PM
Maldives: rape survivor will not be flogged
This week, we were relieved to hear that a 15 year old girl in the Maldives – who reportedly survived repeated sexual abuse - will be spared the inhumane punishment of fl...
Aug 14 2013 3:08PM
Blogger and photographer tortured, lawyer held for tweeting about it
In a further attack on free speech, the Bahrain authorities have detained and tortured blogger Mohammad Hassan Sudayf and photographer Hussain Hubail, apparently for shar...
Aug 1 2013 3:22PM
Raisa freed from psychiatric hospital, thanks to you
Raisa Radchenko, a 70 year old human rights activist and grandmother from the Ukraine, has been released from the psychiatric hospital where she was being forcibly treate...
Jul 23 2013 3:50PM
Free Pussy Riot's Masha and Nadia - parole hearings this week
Update 26/7/13: In a move that confirms the country's slide towards greater suppression of free speech, Nadia Tolokonnikova has been refused parole due to the fact she ha...
Jul 19 2013 2:17PM
Raisa Radchenko: Grandmother. Anti-corruption campaigner. Enforced psychiatric patient.
70-year-old Raisa Radchenko is being held in a psychiatric hospital in Ukraine and forcibly given treatment. She has no history of mental illness, but she does have a lon...
Jul 10 2013 3:11PM
El Salvador: A thank you from Beatriz
In May, thousands of you took action to help Beatriz, co-signing our petition through Pocket Protest, and adding more pressure with our global twitter action. Finally, af...
Jun 26 2013 4:02PM
Stop Vietnam executing 117 prisoners
As I type this, there are still a few hours left of Wednesday 26 June in Vietnam. Those are a final few hours of sanctity for some 117 prisoners on Vietnam’s death row. A...
Jun 7 2013 3:06PM
Beatriz is safe at last
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Jun 4 2013 3:47PM
Turkey: end violent repression, allow free expression
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May 8 2013 11:02AM
Good news: women accused of 'sorcery' released
Last month, we asked for your help to release three women being held hostage in Papua New Guinea accused of ‘sorcery’ . We were deeply concerned for their safety, followi...
May 2 2013 10:59AM
El Salvador: Woman denied life-saving treatment
Update, 5 June After an agonising 14 week wait, Beatriz has finally had a the life-saving treatment she needed and has had a cesarean section in El Salvador. The foetus a...
Apr 12 2013 1:24PM
Papua New Guinea: Help release women held captive, accused of 'sorcery'
Last week police stood by and watched as Helen Rumbali, a women's rights advocate and former school teacher accused of sorcery, was beheaded in front of her community in...
Mar 22 2013 3:32PM
Message of thanks from freed Bahrain teacher, Jalila al Salman
Jalila al Salman is former Vice-President of the Bahraini Teaching Union. She was locked up in April 2011 for calling for a teachers’ strike to support growing calls for...
Mar 19 2013 3:13PM
Save lives and protect human rights - sign up for the Urgent Action Network today
In 1973 Tracy Ulltveit-Moe launched the first ever Urgent Action, on behalf of Professor Luis Rossi. Forty years on, press play to listen to her explain how she came up w...
Mar 5 2013 1:51PM
Maldives: 15-year-old rape survivor to be flogged for 'fornication'
Last week, a 15 year old girl who was raped by her stepfather was convicted of ‘fornication’ and sentenced to eight months’ house arrest and 100 lashes. This text action...
Feb 20 2013 2:23PM
Magamed Abubakarov: lawyer getting death threats by text
Defence lawyer Magamed Abubakarov has been getting anonymous text messages containing death threats. Update: 28 February Good news! The Russian authorities have just open...
Jan 24 2013 12:47PM
Save Li Yan: denied protection from abuse – now facing execution
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Dec 21 2012 6:42PM
Happy Birthday Pocket Protest
It’s hard to believe, but our SMS action network is one year old! In that time it’s been given a name – Pocket Protest; grown from nothing to almost 20,000 members; and,...