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My name is Billy Briggs and I'm a freelance journalist and contributing editor with the International Network of Street Papers. Please visit my website for more information -






About this blog

Focusiran aims to reflect human rights as well as civil rights situation in Iran. It is a blog of accurate news and views. This bog is the centre of information on Iranian women, students and the youth, who are fighting with their lives to get their protests heard.

We aim to keep Neda's memory alive and support many thosands like her, who are fighting against the oppression and injustice imbedded in laws, regulations, customs and decrees in Iran.

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Dec 13 2014 9:22AM
Time Will Never Say, a prisoner's account
On 9 DEcember, International Coalition Against Violence in Iran-ICAVI organised the launch of Ramin Jahanbegloo's memoirs: "Time Will Never Say". IN 2007, Ramin was detained at the airport while bording a flight to Brussels. He was thr...

About this blog

The right to join a trade union and bargain collectively, including taking strike action, are fundamental human rights, recognised as such by Amnesty International, the UN and the International Labour Organisation. Key human rights for trade unionists include not only freedom of association, but freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, equality, freedom from forced labour/slavery and dignity at work. The TUC is a formal partner with Amnesty International UK, and this blog reports on many trade union campaigns around the world for human and trade union rights. It is predominantly written by staff at the TUC European Union and International Relations Department as well as members of the AI UK Trade Union Network and AI UK trade union liaison officer Shane Enright (that's him in the profile image with a placard - he's also often seen with a megaphone!)

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Nov 2 2013 10:40PM
Workers' rights not improving under Rouhani
Despite initial optimism when Iranian President Hussain Rouhani was inaugurated this August, the situation facing workers in Iran has not improved. Trade union rights are still being routinely violated, as are the rights to freedom of...

About this blog

Unlock the power of your mobile phone to defend individuals at risk of human rights abuses through our SMS action network. Network members receive text alerts and can take action instantly to help stop unfair trials, halt forced evictions, prevent executions - and more. Sign up for the SMS network now

This blog is the place to find background information on cases, and the impact of SMS actions you have taken.

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Sep 18 2013 3:16PM
Sudan: Woman at risk of flogging for not wearing headscarf
Update: The judge of Jabal Awliya court postponed Amira Osman Hamed’s trial until 4 November. This is to give Sudan’s Attorney General time to consider a written request from her lawyers asking for the charges to be dropped. As of May...