Special Resolution C2(S) - To amend the Articles of Association - Cessation of Membership on Bankrupcy

This blog is by Stuart Hathaway, individual member of Amnesty UK

This special resolution asks members to agree to amending the current Articles of Association (the company’s governing document) by deleting article 14.2 which states that a person’s membership of Amnesty UK Section will automatically be terminated if they are made bankrupt.

There is no requirement under company law for a bankrupt to be disqualified as a member. The provision does not protect Amnesty UK Section in any way but merely and unnecessarily prevents a member who has the misfortune to suffer serious financial difficulties from playing any further role in the organisation.

By deleting this article (which was only introduced as part of a package of 'tidying-up' measures in last year's constitutional amendments), if a member is made bankrupt they will nevertheless remain a member of Amnesty UK Section.

A more detailed explanation is contained in the background note in the AGM papers, but if you are still not sure what it’s all about, please post a question and I'll try to answer it. If you don’t agree with the proposal, please post a comment and I'll be happy to  discuss.

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