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May 8 2014 2:30PM
UK trains army accused of raping children

Please read the following report I wrote for Sunday Mail newspaper that was published on 5th May 2014, although not online. Please share and thanks for reading. Billy Briggs. Human rights groups have condemned the...

Mar 3 2014 2:03PM
Missing in Ukraine - Urgent help required.

A version of the story below was published by the Sunday Mail in Scotland yesterday. It's about Oleksey Suprun who has been missing in Kiev for over two weeks now. Indeed, hundreds of people have gone missing in Ukraine recently...

Sep 2 2013 9:40AM
UK sold nerve gas chemicals to Syria 10 months after war began

Please read my exclusive report for the Sunday Mail about how the UK govt granted export licences to firms to sell chemicals to Syria that could've been used to make nerve gas including Sarin. The licences were granted 10 months after...

Jul 16 2013 11:25AM
China and animal cruelty

Please read my recent story for Scotland On Sunday about a Chinese firm which uses bile milked from bears' gall bladders in 'health' products. The first link takes you to the front page report which appeared in SOS, the 2nd to the...

Jul 15 2013 11:11AM
Female genital mutilation in Scotland

Please read my latest report for The Herald about the problems faced by victims of FGM in Scotland.… Thanks for your time. Billy...

Jun 11 2013 9:30AM
Mordechai Vanunu - still imprisoned by Israel?

Please read my latest report which was published by the Yorkshire Post in the UK. It's a feature about Mordechai Vanunu, the man who revealed to the world details of Israel's seret nuclear programme in 1986. Vanunu served 18 years in...

Apr 24 2013 8:50AM
Scots public body defiant over controversial deal with Bahrain

Please read my latest report for Scotland On Sunday about a controversial deal a Scottish public body signed with the government of Bahrain. Human rights groups have expressed concern over the contract...

Mar 26 2013 9:37AM
Genocide trial in Guatemala begins with dramatic testimony.

The trial of Guatemala's former dictator General Ephraim Rios Montt began last week with dramatic testimony. Please read this report from Carrie Khan.…...

Mar 12 2013 1:19PM
Calls for inquiry into government deal with Bahrain

My latest report for Scotland On Sunday is about calls for an inquiry into a controversial deal between a Scottish public body and the government of Bahrain. Please visit here -

Feb 25 2013 10:03AM
Scotland's controversial deal with Bahrain

Please find below links to an article I wrote for Scotland On Sunday - published yesterday - about a controversial business deal between a public body in Scotland and the government of Bahrain.

Feb 8 2013 9:40AM
Guatemala, genocide and the hope for justice

Please read the following opinion piece published by El Faro following the first day of the historic trial of Efrain Rios Montt, the former dictator of Guatemala. The piece was written by Victoria Sanford, of the Centre for Human...

Dec 10 2012 10:14AM
Detained for more than a year but is this a case of mistaken identity?

Please read an article I wrote for the Sunday Mail which was published yesterday. The report highlights the case of a man who's been detained in Dungaval Immigration Centre in Scotland for nearly 15 months. He claims he is the victim...

Nov 15 2012 1:40PM
Mining firms and human rights abuses in Colombia.

Please read my latest piece published by the Sunday Mail newspaper on 11th November 2012. The article highlights a new report which exposes how the rapid expansion of mining in Colombia has resulted in enivironmental disaster, unlawful...

Nov 5 2012 4:16PM
The human cost of cheap bananas sold in UK supermarkets.

Please read the following article - published yesterday by the Sunday Mail - about a new film which exposes how plantation workers in Cameroon suffer dreadful working conditions and poverty wages to provide cheap bananas for European...

Oct 22 2012 4:24PM
Is UK government policy resulting in asylum seekers starving to death?

Please read the following letter which was sent to me following the recent deaths of an asylum seeking mother and child who starved to death in London. Earlier this month, The Guardian reported on the case and the full report can be...

Oct 5 2012 10:36AM
Can women promote human rights and stop corruption in Uganda?

Please click on the link below to read a story written by Joseph Opio, a correspondent for the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) based in Uganda. Joseph's report explains how women are breaking through the glass celing to...

Sep 30 2012 11:27AM
Victims of rape & torture wrongly locked up by UK government.

Please read the following report which was published today by Scotland On Sunday. The article tells how victims of rape and torture have been wrongly locked up by the UK government.

Sep 16 2012 12:09PM
Remarkable film exposing human trafficking in Dubai, Greece and Athens.

Please read my interview with Bugarian film director Mimi Chakarova who risked her life to expose human trafficking for the sex industry in Dubai, Greece and Turkey. Her story is published today by the Sunday Mail in Scotland. http:/...

Sep 10 2012 9:26AM
Human Trafficking - A new tool to help campaigners.

I'm involved with a new project that aims to help campaigners trying to combat human trafficking. The Human Trafficking Awareness Index is a collaboration with an information company called LexisNexis UK - Using a...

Aug 26 2012 12:03PM
The Scottish Government's links to Chinese firms complicit in human rights abuses.

Please read my story published today by Scotland On Sunday which exposes the Scottish Government's links to Chinese energy firms accused of being complicit in human rights violations in Sudan and Myanmar.