Aug 17 2012 11:00AM
Three people killed in Guyana.
I received the following email this week which was written by a woman called Michelle Asantewa. Michelle wishes to draw attention to recent events in her homeland, Guyana...
Aug 16 2012 8:57AM
Journalist shot in Somalia - 8th to die this year.
Please read this report from Reporters Without Borders. It concerns the murder of a young journalist in Somalia called Mohamud Ali Keyre, also known as "Buneyste". http:/...
Aug 8 2012 5:56PM
Jihadists in Mali target journalists.
Please read this report from Reporters Without Borders which documents how the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO) is targeting bona fide journalists doin...
Aug 7 2012 1:47PM
Human Trafficking - A new tool to assist campaigners.
I'm involved with a new project that aims to assist individuals and organisations trying to combat human trafficking. The Human Trafficking Awareness Index is a collabora...
Jul 20 2012 11:22AM
Malawi - Human Trafficking on the rise.
Please find below a link to a story written by the Malawi correspondent for the International Network of Street Papers (INSP). Henry Mhango's article was published by The...
Jul 4 2012 11:30AM
Please view this photo essay on human trafficking for the sex industry in Burkina Faso which was published by The Guardian last week. Images are by photographer Angela Ca...
Jun 21 2012 9:28AM
Ending human trafficking - a new tool for campaigners
Firstly, many thanks for reading this post. I'm involved in a new project which has the aim of helping campaigners across the world who are trying to combat human traffic...
Jun 7 2012 9:01AM
Gambia's food crisis and its dictator's lavish lifestyle.
Please find below a link to a story written by the International Network of Street Paper's Gambian correspondent which contrasts Gambia's current food crisis with Preside...
Jun 6 2012 10:05AM
Malaysia - censorship
The Malaysian government is attempting to curb freedom of expression ahead of elections. More information below from the Centre for Independent Journalism, a non-governme...
May 22 2012 8:40PM
Allegations of institutional racism against Roma in Britain.
Please click on the links below to read my report published last Sunday (20th May) by Scotland On Sunday which exposes racism against Roma by the Department of Work and P...
May 11 2012 9:08AM
The other side of India's IT capital.
Aside from writing, I commission and edit stories for the International Network of Street Papers ( INSP ). Founded in 1994, INSP is an inspiring charity that supports and...
May 8 2012 12:23PM
International Network of Street Papers.
Aside from writing, I commission and edit stories for the International Network of Street Papers (INSP). Founded in 1994, INSP is a fantastic charity that supports and de...
Jan 12 2012 12:00AM
Egypt, jailed for marrying a woman.
Jessica Albrent contacted me recently and asked for help as her husband was jailed in Egypt for marrying her. These are Jessica's words and her contact details are at the...
Sep 8 2011 2:23PM
China's Organ harvesting.
Here's my latest article which was published by both The Herald and The Scotsman. It's a report about the Chinese Communist Party's killing of innocent people for their o...
Sep 7 2011 11:13AM
Here's a link to my latest article for Al Jazeera. Thanks for your time. Billy Briggs.
Jun 20 2011 9:49AM
New report about which countries take the most amount of refugees… UNHCR report: 80% of world’s refugees in developing countri A UNHCR report released today reveals deep...
May 20 2011 12:52PM
Church of Scotland persecuted Travellers.
Here's a link to an article I wrote for Scotland On Sunday last week. The piece is about the Church of Scotland admitting it persecuted Travellers and was complicit in th...
May 7 2011 2:36PM
Russia's neo-Nazis
Please read this story about the conviction of a neo-Nazi for the murder of a journalist and human rights lawyer in Russia.
Mar 16 2011 6:14PM
Child trafficking - Scotland.
Here's an article I wrote for The Guardian about a new report highlighting an escalating child trafficking problem in Scotland.
Mar 16 2011 6:11PM
Census company and allegations of Torture.
Please read the following article I wrote for The Observer concerning a company contracted to carry out the census and its links to claims of torture.