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Three people killed in Guyana.


I received the following email this week which was written by a woman called Michelle Asantewa. Michelle wishes to draw attention to recent events in her homeland, Guyana.


Dear Billy


I am writing to you, as I did some years back with that other tragedy assailing Guyana - the killing of school boy Kelvin Fraser by Guyana Defence Force (GDF).


I don't know whether you're aware of the current situation there. It concerns the people of the small mining town, Linden, where I grew up before leaving to come to the UK. The PPPC (People's Progressive Party) have hiked electricity prices - 800% resulting in mass protests and demonstrations. On July 18th 3 young men were shot by police though they were protesting (against the hike) peacefully. Elders and children were also fired against and tear gas used. Talks between Linden leaders and the Government have been progressing but slowly - the hike still seems to be unaddressed so the people continue to protest.


On Tuesday morning further shootings by the police resulted in a young man (23) being shot in the side of his face (picture attached). This is a friend of my cousin. Another cousin has be inboxing me more pictures saying that it is a war zone there. That there should be joint forces patrolling the small town to the extent that they are without the international community even conscious about what is happening is for me cause for concern; it also means that the government can exact lawlessness (once more) with impunity.


It is believed that the hike in electricity rates (in an area of 70% unemployment) is due to the fact that Lindeners voted largely against the PPPC in the 2011 election. Many consider the acts of the PPPC racist against Africans who are the majority residents in the region. 


My cousin who lives in Wismar, where the recent atrocity against the young man has taken place tells me that when they try to take photos of what is going on the police shoot at them or snatch/break up their phones. 


If you're still reporting, please would you kindly do something to highlight this serious situation in Guyana. I attach photos along with the links below for further reading.


Thanks for your time,


Billy Briggs.

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