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Malaysia - censorship

The Malaysian government is attempting to curb freedom of expression ahead of elections. More information below from the Centre for Independent Journalism, a non-governmental organisation based in Malaysia that looks to defend and protect freedom of expression, access to information, and free media. Currently CIJ is undertaking an initiative to defend Internet freedom and ais looking for your support.

Malaysia is in the midst of an important battle for the right to freedom of expression. The government is in the process of passing an amendment that would have serious repercussions on Internet freedom. This act is known as Evidence (Amendment) (No2) Act 2012. The amendment is problematic for a few reasons:


1. It presumes guilt rather than innocence which contradicts the basis of many justice systems. 
2. It makes Internet users - individuals who provide online comment forums and interactive exchange - liable for content that is posted on their website, blog, facebook page, etc.
3. It threatens freedom of expression online because the assumption of guilt has the chilling effect of promoting fear amongst those who use the Internet as a vibrant, interactive space for democratic deliberations. 
4. It also reduces the spaces for posting legitimate comments and opinions.
5. It allows hackers and cyber criminals to be free by making the person whose account/computer is hacked liable for any content/data which might have changed. 
6. It reduces the opportunity to be anonymous online which is crucial in promoting a free and open Internet.


The amendment is an unjust law passed in haste and does not take into account public interest and participation.

Due to the far-reaching impact of this new amendment on the average Internet user, The Centre for Independent Journalism is asking for support -- including at the regional and international level -- to pressure the Malaysian government to withdraw the recent amendments to the Evidence act.


Would you please help CIJ by signing and promoting this petition?


For more information please visit the following media publications:


1.Malaysiakini: Civil society protests move to clamp Internet
2.The Sun Daily: Internet users cry foul over amendment to Evidence Act
3.Al- Jazeera: Shifting the burden of proof in Malaysia
4.The Bill

Thank you for your help,

Centre for Independent Journalism Malaysia
Tel: +603-4023 0772
Twitter: CIJ_Malaysia

Facebook: Centre for Independent Journalism


The Centre for Independent Journalism, Malaysia (CIJ) is a non-profit organisation that aspires for a society that is democratic, just and free, where all peoples will enjoy free media and the freedom to express, seek and impart information.

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