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Nov 16 2021 9:56AM
A Silence Filled With Fear

Blog by Nigina Istanakzai-Zarifi, the Country Coordinator for Afghanistan The Taliban promised it will be different this time. When they first surged into Kabul people were told that they had nothing to fear as there will be no threats...

Oct 31 2021 10:07AM
Police Must Protect the Right to Protest at COP26

Ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) that will begin in Glasgow this weekend (Sunday 31 October), Amnesty International UK has urged police to ensure the right to peaceful protest is protected. Naomi McAuliffe, Director of...

Oct 25 2021 10:32AM
Northern Ireland is a safe place for racists

Speech delivered by Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty International, to the Black History summit, organised by the North West Migrants Forum in the City Hotel, Derry, Saturday 23 October 2021. Northern Ireland is a safe place for racists. If...

Oct 20 2021 2:16PM
11 inspiring creatives to follow on Instagram

Can you name four freedoms that each and every one of us are entitled to? We collaborated with an incredible list of 11 artists, creatives and campaigners to increase awareness of our basic freedoms as defined in the Universal...

Oct 7 2021 4:48PM
Policing Bill targets people experiencing homelessness

Serious concerns have already been raised about the government’s ‘Policing Bill’, particularly about powers to clamp down on peaceful protests and the risk of further entrenching racism, especially against Black people. But the...