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Jun 17 2019 8:33AM
More actions in solidarity with Hong Kong, fighting for HK’s autonomy and self-determination
On 16 June, London in solidarity with #HongKong 倫敦撐香港 “Release the students! Carrie Lam resign! Withdraw! No withdrawal no settlement!釋放學生!林鄭下台!撤回惡法!不撤不散!” #NoChinaExtradition #反送中
Jun 12 2019 1:07PM
The MPs in the UK Should Take action against Extradition Law in Hong Kong
Dear MP, I am writing to bring your attention about both the content and the short consultation period allowed for the proposed changes to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (often referred to as Extradition Law) and the Mutual Legal Ass...
Jun 5 2019 5:37PM
London Remembers the 30th Anniversary of the 1989 Beijing June 4 Massacre
On Tuesday the 4rd of June, 8pm-10pm, aorund 250 people including many young people gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in London to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Beijing June 4 Massacre, showing solidarity with Tia...
Jun 4 2019 11:29AM
Unhappy Anniversary
This blog post contributor has chosen to remain anonymous for their own security #Remember64: 30 years since the brutal 1989 crackdown in Tiananmen Square. Imagine if your loved one never made it home, no one explained what had happene...
Jun 4 2019 6:22AM
Tiananmen 30th Anniversary Events in London and Oxford
1. Screening of 'The Man who Defied Beijing' 30 May 2019, 6 - 8 pm Free Word, London Organised by Reporters without Borders 2. Tiananmen Panel 31 May 2019, 8 p...