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Jul 1 2020 12:52PM
Why the UK needs to challenge Israe'ls plans to annex the West Bank

Once again, the Israeli authorities are demonstrating their complete disregard for international law. The UK government has condemned Israel's plans to annex the West Bank, but it needs to urgently match fine words with effective...

Jun 26 2020 10:24AM
Words That Burn - demand through poetry

Watch Evanilson Alves perform his poem ‘2005: Sacred Year’, explore a thought-provoking performance of Raymond Atrobus' 'Dear Hearing World' and take part in a free-write.

Jun 26 2020 10:24AM
Words That Burn - celebrate through poetry

Watch Joelle Taylor share why she is a poet, explore Vanessa's Kisuule's performance of her poem 'Take Up Space' and create a poem to celebrate a human rights moment.

Jun 25 2020 3:21PM
“If they can kill Berta Cáceres, they can kill anyone”

Written by Sheila Royce - Country Coordinator Berta Cáceres, tenacious environmental and human rights activist, was shot dead in her own home in Honduras in March 2016. Having campaigned tirelessly to protect indigenous communities on...

Jun 24 2020 2:40PM
Words That Burn – listen through poetry

Watch Imtiaz Dharker discuss her poem ‘The Right Word’, explore Yrsa Daley-Ward's poem 'And that's the thing about ignorance' and create your own poem about respect.