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Apr 14 2020 3:44PM
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Then and Now

Knowing how to claim our human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is fundamental to Amnesty's vision of a world where every person enjoys those rights. What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rig

Apr 7 2020 1:23PM
Lebanon’s two million refugees face a potential coronavirus catastrophe

Lebanon’s two million refugees face a potential coronavirus catastrophe The coronavirus pandemic is difficult enough for most people, whatever their circumstances. But what does “stay at home” mean when you can’t go back to your home...

Mar 26 2020 3:07PM
Israel-Palestine: COVID-19 intensifies the humanitarian crisis for Palestinians

Given the rapid spread of coronavirus around the world, there could be a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza if urgent action is not taken. Or, to be more accurate, there could be an intensification of an existing humanitarian emergency...

Mar 11 2020 9:49AM
Book Review: Paper Avalanche by Lisa Williamson

Henrietta Porritt reviews Paper Avalanche, a story that focuses on Ro Snow and her relationship with her mother who is an extreme hoarder.

Mar 4 2020 11:52AM
How much would you risk for basic women’s rights?

Here in the UK and in my home country, USA, women are often put in positions in which our physical safety and bodily autonomy are at risk, but at the same time, we haven’t really had to fight for our rights in the way many other women...