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Sep 18 2018 5:30PM
Refugee Family Reunion Bill being blocked by the Government?
Six months ago, MPs voted overwhelmingly to support a Bill to change the restrictive Home Office rules which keep many refugee families separated from those they love.
Sep 17 2018 2:32PM
Northern Ireland’s increasing problem with racism
Northern Ireland has a racism problem. This guest blog by Michael Walker explores the extent of the problem and argues for legislative change.
Sep 17 2018 11:55AM
Day of the Disappeared
Tomorrow is the twenty-fifth International Day of the Disappeared . Amnesty International has put together a two-minute campaign video highlighting the problem of enforced disappearances, emphasising the distress and grief disappearanc...
Sep 12 2018 3:54PM
Key facts about gun violence
Gun violence is a global human rights issue. Governments have a legal obligation to protect the right to life, and therefore a responsibility to protect people from firearm violence. We have to remind them of this by demanding reform.
Sep 7 2018 5:40PM
Free press under threat in Northern Ireland as journalists arrested
In two parts of the world this week, journalists found themselves behind bars for helping expose the involvement of security forces in the massacre of civilians. When it happened in Myanmar, UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt was straigh...