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Jul 11 2018 10:41AM
Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle is another political merry-go-round – but what does it mean for human rights?
Whether President Trump likes Johnson or not, the UK now has a new Foreign Secretary, and it will be Jeremy Hunt who meets the President during his visit. As first weeks in a new job go, this is a pretty big one.
Jul 10 2018 2:55PM
Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award Self Nominations Now Open!
Guest blog by Amnesty International Scotland Freedom of Expression Award Coordinator Robyn Pattison. Each year, Amnesty International honours theatre productions highlighting human rights issues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A team...
Jul 6 2018 5:47PM
Why should trade deals be wrapped in secrecy?
The less the public and Parliament know about trade deals that are being negotiated, the less they are in a position to challenge their likely impacts.
Jul 3 2018 8:42AM
Cambodia: On 14th August, Tep Vanny will have been in prison for 2 years.
On the 14 August, Tep Vanny will have been in prison for two years. Her crime? Defending her home. This isn't the first time that Tep has been jailed for her activism. She was first arrested on 15 August 2016 for peacefully protesting...
Jun 29 2018 3:54PM
Saudi Arabia driving ban: A long road to justice
As women in Saudi Arabia take the wheel for the first time, there is still a long road ahead for justice and equality in the Kingdom