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Aug 31 2021 2:32 pm
Russia: European Court ruling in Estemirova case exposes 'cynical inaction' of authorities

Natalia Estemirova, investigator for NGO Memorial in Chechnya, murdered in 2009 No-one held responsible and human rights violations - including ‘gay purge’ - continue unabated in Chechnya ‘The...

Aug 31 2021 12:13 pm
USA/Afghanistan: there must be accountability for deadly drone strike

Ten members of same family - including six children - reportedly killed in Sunday’s attack on residential district in Kabul ‘It is unconscionable that the Biden administration continues airstrikes in...

Aug 27 2021 10:54 am
Tunisia: unlawful travel plans placed on those critical of presidential power grab

At least 50 people placed under unlawful travel bans - new research Those subjected to bans include judges, civil servants, businessmen and an MP ‘Even under exceptional circumstances a person should...

Aug 26 2021 3:11 pm
Afghanistan: Evacuation deadline must be extended amid Taliban reprisal threats

The Taliban and the international community must urgently reach an agreement to extend the 31 August deadline for completing evacuations out of Afghanistan, Amnesty International said today, to help...

Aug 26 2021 2:07 pm
UK: Latest figures show around half of Afghan asylum claims rejected by Home Office

Quarterly Home Office immigration statistics show that in year to June 2021, ​only 489 out of 1,089 Afghans ​granted protection Major backlog of 50,000 asylum cases still unresolved in the system...

Aug 26 2021 11:58 am
Northern Ireland: Concern at hate crime 'epidemic' as PSNI report figures rise

Eight hate crimes or incidents reported to PSNI every day Racism, sectarianism and homophobia all reported on the increase Amnesty International has expressed concern at new figures that show a...

Aug 25 2021 11:59 pm
Qatar: thousands of migrant worker deaths remain uninvestigated – new report

Unexplained migrant worker deaths may be close to 70%, as temperatures topping 40°C take terrible toll ‘Meaningless’ death certificates routinely say heart or respiratory failure was cause of death...

Aug 25 2021 5:11 pm
Poland/Belarus: 32 Afghans trapped at border must be helped

Large group of Afghans, including a 15-year-old girl, marooned near Polish village of Usnarz Górny for more than a fortnight Poland recently changed laws to prevent border crossings for refugees...

Aug 25 2021 12:23 pm
UK: IOPC Tasers report 'should be wake-up call'

Major new report from Independent Office for Police Conduct makes series of recommendations for reform of police use of the electro-shock weapons ‘The police have a disturbing track record of...

Aug 25 2021 11:29 am
Iran: leaked surveillance videos from Evin Prison are 'tip of the iceberg'

Sixteen videos show abuse, neglect and overcrowded conditions Guards shown beating handcuffed prisoner over the head and back, while a comatose man is dragged along a prison yard ‘It is shocking to...