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David Cameron must use EU-Africa summit to promote safe routes for refugees as winter approaches

David Cameron must use a key meeting of EU and African leaders in Malta tomorrow to urge international cooperation on establishing safe and legal routes for refugees and to commit the UK to taking

Russia: release of jailed Sochi Games protester welcomed

Evgeniy Vitishko had protested over widespread environmental damage ahead of Sochi Winter Games

Saudi Arabia has executed 151 people so far this year - highest for two decades

‘The Saudi Arabian authorities appear intent on continuing a bloody execution spree’ - James Lynch

Little appetite to repeal the Human Rights Act new poll finds

“The message from the British people is clear; leave the Human Rights Act alone” – Kate Allen

Egypt: arrest of prominent activist Hossam Bahgat is another blow for freedom of expression

'The Egyptian military cannot continue to consider itself above the law and immune from criticism' - Philip Luther

Sierra Leone: Pregnant girls excluded from school and banned from exams

Right to education of up to 10,000 girls still under threat post Ebola crisis Reports of humiliating physical examinations of girls on school premises

US Embassy, London: Hundreds to protest on Albert Woodfox case

Up to 250 students attending Amnesty International’s annual student conference in London will take part in a day of action on Saturday 7 November to protest the ongoing deten