Mar 13 2018 5:44PM
The Amnesty CILIP Honour winners 2016

At last! We’re extremely proud to announce the inaugural winners of our Amnesty CILIP Honour: In the Kate Greenaway Medal category, the winner is... There’s a Bear on My Chair, by Ross Collins And in the Carnegie Medal category... Lies...

Feb 14 2018 11:45AM
The legacy of the Suffragettes

It’s 100 years since the first women in Britain were given the right to vote. Sally Nicholl’s, whose novel for young adults is about young suffrage campaigners, asks whether things have changed for those still fighting for equality.

Dec 12 2017 3:19PM
Author Mitch Johnson on tackling global inequality in fiction

By Mitch Johnson: an introduction to his new book ,'Kick', which has been endorsed by Amnesty International UK. 100 seconds. That’s how long it takes a top-flight footballer to earn a sweatshop worker’s monthly wage. When I first did...

Nov 30 2017 11:47AM
Children’s picture books and human rights

By Nicky Parker, Publisher, Amnesty International UK Why picture books for young children are the perfect place to celebrate human rights We work on life and death matters all over the world. People know us for our campaigning and...

Nov 20 2017 2:49PM
The Convention on the Rights of the Child: Improving children’s lives

The UN Convention on the Rights of a Child protects young people across the world from harm. Law professor Jonathon Todres explains more.

Oct 4 2017 5:07PM
Home and Away: recommended refugee and migrant stories from around the world

By Mairi Kidd, consultant for education and arts projects. Have you ever read a novel set in a place you know, by an author who knows it less well, and thought, ‘no, that’s not quite right’? It happens to me with books set in...

Jun 19 2017 4:44PM
Author Bali Rai on new Amnesty CILIP Honour winner 'The Bone Sparrow'

Written by Bali Rai, author and Amnesty CILIP Honour judge Judging this year’s Amnesty Honour Award was far from simple. A wonderful shortlist of novels, each touching on some aspect of human rights, made things very difficult. And for...

Jun 19 2017 4:26PM
Illustrator Ross Collins on choosing The Journey to win the Amnesty CILIP Honour 2017

Written by Ross Collins, Amnesty CILIP Honour winner 2016 It’s always lovely to be asked to judge something. It means that other people are under the illusion that you know what you’re doing. I was so proud to win last year’s CILIP...

Jun 6 2017 4:02PM
Illustrator and Waterstones Children’s Laureate UK Chris Riddell upholds children's rights

Amnesty Ambassador Chris Riddell will step down as the 9th Children's Laureate on 7 June, a day ahead of the General Election. He has written a statement calling on the UK to urgently address three key human rights issues that affect...

Apr 24 2017 5:00PM
A short history of human rights and children’s books

By Nicky Parker, Publisher at Amnesty International UK. This is the second year of the Amnesty CILIP Honour, an extra commendation for two books on the Carnegie and Greenaway Medal shortlists that best uphold, illuminate or celebrate...

Oct 24 2016 4:55PM
End violence in schools

Author ND Gomes reflects on the reasons she wrote her new Amnesty-endorsed novel for teens, Dear Charlie. ‘Dear Charlie I’m sorry it’s taken me seven weeks to write this. Honestly, I still don’t know why I am. It’s not like you will...

Aug 4 2016 4:54PM
Lighting a candle for Here I Stand

By Sita Brahmachari, author Here I Stand is a collection of stories and poetry by Young Adult authors standing up for human rights under threat today. I was honoured to be invited to make a contribution about the plight of children in...

Aug 1 2016 3:22PM
Introduction, Here I Stand

By Jules Carey, human rights lawyer As the vastly outnumbered Scottish forces looked out over the looming ranks of the English army on a September morning in 1297, William Wallace, the Scottish knight and leader roared ‘They may take...

Aug 1 2016 11:22AM
Here I Stand against hate

Here I Stand is a new Amnesty collection of short stories and poems for young adults. It’s full of words and pictures that aren’t afraid to shine a light into the dark corners of modern, western society. We’re enormously proud of it...

Jun 30 2016 12:46PM
How fiction for teens helps combat hate crimes

written by Robin Talley, winner of the Amnesty CILIP Honour 2016 *This blog first appeared in Gay Star News I write books for teenagers. So, like many young adult authors, I’m often asked if the stories I create are based on things I...

May 12 2016 4:08PM
Why children’s books are important

Written by SF Said, award-winning children’s author and judge of the inaugural Amnesty CILIP Honour. Follow SF Said on Twitter or visit his site at I've worked in many fields: politics, academia, journalism. And while I...

Mar 16 2016 5:28PM
Human rights in the Kate Greenaway and Carnegie Medal shortlists

What a joy to see the outstanding books on these shortlists, all chosen by expert youth librarians. Proving our theory that all good books engage with human rights, we’ve found deep themes of justice, truth and freedom to explore in...

Dec 15 2015 3:34PM
Our top winter reads for children

Written by Sam Nadel, Publishing Team volunteer. Finding the perfect Christmas book for children and young people can be a daunting task. But as well as making great gifts, children’s books can inspire empathy and communicate the value...

Dec 3 2015 4:53PM
Why we’ve published My Little Book of BIG Freedoms

At Amnesty we know that human rights are crucial to a well-functioning society. In our view, all of us should understand, uphold and celebrate them, no matter how old or young we are. Children should be taught about them as early as...

Aug 13 2015 10:55AM
Amnesty's top summer reads for children

Fancy spending your summer with a smelly dog? Or maybe you’d rather spend it exploring ancient city woodlands? Or maybe even embarking on a daring adventure to post-Civil War America? For whatever it is that piques your child’s...