Apr 20 2018 4:26PM
Justice for Marielle Franco, assassinated for defending human rights

On Wednesday 14 March 2018, Brazil was shocked by the brutal assassination, in Rio de Janeiro, of councilwoman 38-year-old Marielle Franco.

Mar 21 2018 1:35PM
Meet Masud

The Ahmadiyya community of Pakistan face prejudice, discrimination and attacks. It is illegal for them to practise their religion.

Mar 21 2018 1:11PM
Indonesia is failing the Ahmadiyya community

In Indonesia several laws restrict religious freedom. The government must act now.

Dec 8 2017 2:59PM
The persecution of the Ahmadiyya community

For the 5 million Ahmadis in the world, religious persecution has been particularly severe and systematic in Pakistan, where Ahmadis have been officially declared non-Muslims.

Feb 28 2017 1:33PM
One year on from Berta Cáceres’ murder, justice is overdue

By Rajwinder Sahota, Amnesty UK Country Coordinator for El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua This Friday marks the first anniversary of the murder of Honduran indigenous and environmental rights campaigner Berta Cáceres. Call for...

Oct 10 2016 4:22PM
World mental health: suicide amongst the Guarani-Kaiowá people of Brazil

by Ellie May, Amnesty International UK Country Coordinator for Brazil We need to talk about the mental health of the Guarani-Kaiowá people in Brazil. World Mental Health day should be a time to look forward and seek improvements for...

Aug 30 2016 2:03PM
Where is Kalpana Chakma, our unseen sister?

One of the few pictures of Kalpana Chakma It has been 20 years since Kalpana Chakma was kidnapped by the state – taken from her home in Rangamati in Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts by a group of plain-clothed security personnel...

Aug 30 2016 12:05PM
Syria: six children abducted by the state

Three years ago, Rania Al-Abbassi, her husband Abdulrahman Yasin and their six children Dima, Entisar, Najah, Alaa, Ahmad and Layan were arrested by the Syrian military intelligence authorities. As they took the family from their house...

Aug 30 2016 11:53AM
Where is Sombath Somphone?

Stopped by Police. Taken away in a Truck. Missing since 15 December 2012. It's now more than three and a half years since Sombath Somphone, a civil society leader in Laos disappeared. It was early evening on 15th December 2012 when...

Aug 30 2016 11:42AM
You can’t photograph the disappeared

In 1972, the photograph of nine year old Phan Thị Kim Phúc running naked, screaming in pain from burns, showed millions the dire effect of napalm bombing and helped change history. After a decade of drownings in the Mediterranean, the...

Aug 30 2016 11:20AM
Colombia: What happened to Félix Guzmán?

On 14 August 2010, Félix Guzmán went out to work, as he did every day, in the fields of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó in north-western Colombia. At about 9.30 a.m. he was approached by armed men wearing paramilitary...

Aug 30 2016 11:06AM
Mexican teaching students still missing two years on

The case of the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa students in Mexico is as shocking as it is baffling. Nearly two years ago, students from a teachers’ training college in Mexico’s southwestern state of Guerrero were hauled off buses in...

Aug 30 2016 10:47AM
Demanding political action for the missing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A staggering 30,000 people ‘disappeared’ in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) during the 1992-95 armed conflict. More than 21 years later, 8000 people are still missing. I struggle to comprehend these numbers let alone the hundreds of...

Aug 26 2016 5:09PM
Hidden from critical view: the disappeared of Cameroon

As the number of military personnel deployed to fight Boko Haram in the Far North Region of Cameroon has increased, the number of people detained without trial on suspicion of supporting the armed group has gone up, as well. Families...

Aug 26 2016 4:56PM
Where is Kalpana, our unseen sister?

It has been 20 years since Kalpana Chakma was kidnapped by the state – taken from her home in Rangamati in Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts by a group of plain-clothed security personnel believed to have been from a nearby army camp...

Aug 17 2016 5:19PM
Indonesia's crack down on human rights

Anyone who has been passingly engaged in Indonesia might have noticed that President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo doesn’t have much respect for human rights. Recently four executions took place with a further 10 people at imminent risk of...

Jul 8 2016 10:56AM
21 Years – Remember Srebrenica and Unite Against Hatred

Twenty-one years ago, 8372 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were executed in the worst crime committed on European soil since the Second World War. The journey to justice The Srebrenica genocide was part of a three year war characterised by...

Jun 15 2016 1:31PM
Wear yellow on Sunday for peace in Congo

This blog is written by Vava Tampa, a native of Congo and founder of the London based campaign group Save the Congo!. He is the Coordinator of #YellowSunday The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) hasn’t been headline news recently, but...

Jun 2 2016 12:34PM
Hakan Yaman – Three years on, justice delayed is justice denied

This blog is written by Richard Williams, our voluntary Country Coordinator for Turkey. If you are at all squeamish I do not recommend that you view this distressing video It shows horrific images of the near-fatal injuries inflicted...

May 16 2016 6:24PM
Are you sure that your laptop is 'child-labour-free'?

You can’t entirely be. If you search on the internet, you will probably find that the lithium-ion battery, the thing that powers your laptop, tablet or smartphone and enables you to surf for hours, contains cobalt. If you search a...