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2016 (21)
Dec 9 2016 12:19PM
On human rights day, send a message of hope

Written by Bonface Ophiyah Massah, National Coordinator of APAM, the Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi My name is Bonface Massah. I live in Malawi, and I have albinism. That is a dangerous combination. In Malawi, people...

Nov 22 2016 6:15PM
After Hillsborough I fought for justice for 27 years

By Becky Shah I lost my mum when I was 17. She left one day to go to a football match, and I never saw her alive again. This year we finally proved that she lost her life as a result of tragic failures by the police, ambulance services...

Nov 12 2016 10:14AM
Six Trump proposals that must never become policy

By Margaret Huang, executive director of Amnesty International USA In the very early hours of November 9, we voiced our grave concern about statements that President-elect Donald Trump made over the course of the election and his...

Nov 9 2016 8:39PM
Trump’s win: what this might mean for Syria

It’s too early to say exactly what Donald Trump’s presidential victory means for Syria’s beleaguered civilians. Will he “pivot” the USA towards Assad and Putin in some narrow “counter terror” strategy against ISIS? He has certainly...

Oct 6 2016 3:53PM
Good news: your latest victories on human rights

You, our supporters, have proved once again the impact an individual can have by being active on human rights. It's time to take a moment to reflect on the power of your actions. Your urgent response ensured 10-year old Ghina in Syria...

Oct 4 2016 5:47PM
No more torture on your doorstep

Thumb screws, electric shock batons, leg irons and neck shackles. These instruments of torture aren’t just confined to the history books – they're being used every day in torture chambers, police stations, military barracks and at...

Sep 30 2016 12:37PM
Boris urgently needs to put Nazanin and Kamal on his agenda

When Boris Johnson steps up to the mic at the Conservative Party Conference on Sunday, it will be the first time he’s set out his stall as Foreign Secretary to the party membership since he was appointed to the role back in July. Boris...

Sep 29 2016 12:23PM
Global inaction is enabling the brutal destruction of Aleppo

By Diana Semaan, Syria Campaigner at Amnesty International The collapse of the latest Syrian ceasefire agreement in recent days brought a ferocious escalation in the bombardment of Aleppo last weekend. At least 173 civilians were...

Sep 14 2016 3:53PM
What has the Human Rights Act done for women?

For decades the Human Rights Act has helped women access their rights. As Justice Secretary Liz Truss confirms that the government will go ahead with plans to scrap it we take a closer look at the freedoms the Act has helped to secure...

Sep 6 2016 7:47PM
What hopes for credible justice in a post Assad Syria?

By Kristyan Benedict - @KreaseChan As London plays host to Syria’s political opposition, talk once again is about a future political “transition” in Syria. Given the relentlessly brutal reality on the ground in Syria, any search for a...

Aug 30 2016 3:36PM
Rio 2016: A legacy of police killings and repressed protests

The Rio Olympics 2016 have seen the world come together in a celebration of sport. Team GB finished second on the medals table and Team Refugees has inspired millions around the world. But behind the spectacle and celebration of the...

Jul 13 2016 3:54PM
Tell the world: We stand together #againsthate

Recorded reports of hate crimes soared since the UK voted to leave the EU on 23 June. Hate crimes can have a devastating and long-lasting impact not only on victims but also on their communities. Our government has a responsibility to...

Jul 7 2016 10:07AM
Time for justice in Israel and Gaza

It has been two years since Israel’s 50-day military offensive in Gaza brought unprecedented death and destruction to the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014. 1,462 Palestinian civilians in Gaza, including 551 children, and six civilians...

Jul 5 2016 12:53PM
Has Brazil lost, before the Olympics have begun?

Sign the petition to stop police brutality in Brazil Several promises and thousands of nice words fill the three volumes of the candidacy dossier for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Since 2009, when the country won the Olympic bidding...

Jul 4 2016 4:25PM
Empowering women to end FGM and child marriage

Working with local communities has taught women's rights activist, Noelie Kouraogo, that a softly-softly approach is essential. If you do it right, the benefits will be far reaching for individuals, families and communities. But the...

May 26 2016 12:55PM
The Syrian Institute for Justice – Communicating Hope in Lawless Times

Kristyan Benedict - @KreaseChan It’s 9am, and in a small corner of a hotel in Gaziantep, southern Turkey, a group of Syrian activists are huddled together discussing their work in the war-torn city of Aleppo. This is not an uncommon...

May 3 2016 5:30PM
Scotland's manifestos - how do they compare on human rights?

By Paul Daly, Advocacy and Activism Officer, Scotland With polling day for the 2016 Scottish elections just a couple of days away, most of us are looking forward to it all being over! Over the last few weeks we’ve seen party leaders...

Apr 1 2016 3:52PM
New president of Burma brings hope of genuine human rights change

This is no April Fools, we promise. Today, Htin Kyaw takes his seat as the first democratically elected president of Burma for over 50 years. His party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), won a majority of seats in free elections...

Mar 23 2016 5:54PM
Free Mahmoud Hussein, arrested in Egypt for his t-shirt

Good news! Mahmoud released A huge thank you to everyone that took action – Mahmoud was finally freed on Friday 25 March after a court upheld his release. He has now been reunited with his family. This is great news but Mahmoud should...

Feb 4 2016 6:32PM
Between a rock and a hard place: refugee women from Syria seeking a safe place

By Liz McKean, Amnesty International UK's Programme Director for Women's Human Rights 'Sometimes we feel like we are not living. I feel like I am not living'. - Rouba*, a Palestinian refugee from Syria, now living in Lebanon Reading...