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2024 (8)
Jun 27 2024 11:58AM
Can we expect the next government to Make Homelessness History?

Written by Jen Clark, Economic Social and Cultural Rights Lead at Amnesty UK "Homelessness is a profound assault on dignity, social inclusion and the right to life.” Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing ( A/HRC/43/43...

Jun 20 2024 9:00AM
“From playing for fun to building a movement”: Khalida Popal on football as a platform for women’s rights in Afghanistan

Khalida Popal started a movement for women’s rights through football in Afghanistan. After the Taliban returned to Kabul in 2021, she helped evacuate 500 players and their families. In Europe, she knows that racist anti-immigrant rheto

Jun 18 2024 10:00AM
Refugee Week 2024: What does Seeking Asylum have to do with Home?

Steve Valdez-Symonds, Amnesty International UK’s Refugee & Migrant Rights Programme Director, explores the theme of this year’s Refugee Week: Home.

Apr 26 2024 6:41PM
Life in Gaza - We are Human

By Areej AlGhazzawi Where are we going? Our future is unknown. We struggle from day to day under Israel's vicious assault on our ability to live. Before October 7, I could smile despite the endless obstacles imposed on our blockaded...

Apr 3 2024 8:13PM
Life in Gaza - Horror Everywhere

By Aya Al-Ghazzawi I believe that notorious colonialist Winston Churchill said that British people are the only people who like to be told how bad things are. Well, to put it mildly, things are bad in Gaza—how does that make you feel...

Mar 16 2024 9:00AM
"No one should be left behind" - Anoosheh 2 years after Evin Prison release

Anoosheh Ashoori returned home to his family 2 years ago, on the 16th March 2022, after being unjustly imprisoned in Evin Prison, Iran. This is why he's still fighting to free all unjustly imprisoned British nationals abroad.

Mar 13 2024 10:40AM
This Isn't Drama, It's Real Life

Our Before Our Eyes short film was based on the real life story of people who experience homelessness and struggle to survive in temporary accommodation. This blog tells the real story of 'Charlotte', our consultant for the project.

Jan 28 2024 10:50AM
Life in Gaza - A Genocide in Real-Time

Trigger warning: this blog contains distressing content In every one of Israel's wars of aggression, I've felt terrorised, increasingly anxious and extremely uncertain about anything. I've lived through too many wars but somehow...