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2010 (14)
Dec 14 2010 11:00AM
10,000 radios for Burma – thank you

With the help of your incredible generosity we have managed to raise enough money to send the next batch of much needed radios into Burma. You helped us reach our target: • £125,000 was raised • 10,000 radios will be distributed across...

Nov 25 2010 11:00AM
The people of Burma still need your help

Two weeks ago, we appealed to you to buy radios to help remote communities across Burma access information outside of state control. Incredibly, within a week you had helped to pay for the distribution of 2,200 radios. Our friends at...

Nov 13 2010 11:00AM
Double your impact: buy a radio for Burma today and get one free

Earlier this year Amnesty supporters helped to fund 4,000 radios for communities in remote areas of Burma. The many thank you messages included in the film above are moving testimonies to the impact of your generosity. But they also...

Oct 31 2010 11:00AM
Radios for Burma: now more vital than ever

Burma’s first general election in two decades was held on Sunday under conditions where freedom of expression and political participation are still heavily restricted. Over 2,200 political prisoners remain behind bars. The media is...

Oct 28 2010 12:00PM
Please halt all forced evictions in Port Harcourt

This is an open letter to the Governor of Rivers State, Port Harcourt, Nigeria Your Excellency Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi – Governor of Rivers State, I am writing to express my concern at the forced eviction of thousands of people from...

Aug 17 2010 12:00PM
Tainting the brand: the Taleban take PR back to the stone age

If the Taleban were a product PR companies would be studying their tactics. Because they’ve certainly got massive “brand awareness”. Aside from al-Qaida (and maybe not even them), they’re surely the most talked about armed group in the...

Aug 2 2010 12:00PM
An insight into Vedanta AGM

Protesters outside the Vedanta AGM I’ve stood outside a few AGMs in my time. I’ve handed out leaflets on the impacts of tar sands extraction on indigenous communities at the BP AGM, and protested against ongoing pollution and human...

Jul 12 2010 12:00PM
A massive thank you!

Due to the success of this fundraising campaign, we are hoping to fund a further 10,000 radios to send to Burma. Find out more and donate A month ago we launched an appeal asking you to help us buy radios for Burma. The initiative is...

Jul 6 2010 12:00PM
Still time to help to buy radios for Burma

Three weeks ago we appealed to you to help fund our Radios for Burma project. Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, we are now able to provide over 4,500 radios to the people of Burma. Due to this incredible response, we have...

Jul 2 2010 12:00PM
Radios for Burma: An Update

A few weeks ago we launched an appeal to buy radios for Burma. Our aim was to raise £50,000 – enough money to distribute 4,000 radios in the country. The radios we buy will help amplify independent media so that the people of Burma can...

Jun 16 2010 12:00PM
Break the silence, buy radios for Burma

Due to the success of this fundraising campaign, we are hoping to fund a further 10,000 radios to send to Burma. Find out more and donate In Burma’s harsh media environment a number of courageous individuals work hard to break through...

May 20 2010 12:00PM
Thank you for shaming Shell

It’s been quite a week. We’ve been amazed by you – our supporters, dismayed by the Financial Times and of course outraged by Shell. Thanks to your generosity and commitment to the people of the Niger Delta, we were able to realise our...

May 17 2010 12:00PM
Shell AGM: keep up the shaming of Shell

On Tuesday 18 May, shareholders meet for oil giant Royal Dutch Shell’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), relayed live to London’s Barbican Centre. While they toast £9.8 billion profits, there will be less talk of how Shell’s activities are...

Apr 29 2010 12:00PM
Buy shares in our Shell ad

When shareholders meet for Shell’s AGM on 18 May, you can bet there will be a lot of talk about their $9.8 billion profits. Less talked about will be the human cost of their activities in the Niger Delta – such as the millions of...