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Buy shares in our Shell ad

When shareholders meet for Shell’s AGM on 18 May, you can bet there will be a lot of talk about their $9.8 billion profits. Less talked about will be the human cost of their activities in the Niger Delta – such as the millions of people drinking polluted water, growing crops in polluted soil and raising children in polluted homes.

We decided to run a high-profile advertising campaign to tell shareholders the shameful truth about Shell. We asked you to share in the shaming of Shell by donating towards the cost of displaying this advert.

You didn’t let us down. By Wednesday afternoon, we’d raised enough to fund a full page ad in a prominent newspaper.

By Friday evening, thanks to 2,104 generous donors we’d reached our next target of £30,000!

UPDATE: Find out where to look for the advert on Tuesday 18 May.

This campaign has exceeded all our expectations – we can now run the ad in a smaller local paper that we know shareholders are also likely to be reading AND take it to the streets on a van outside the AGM. Shell’s shareholders simply won’t be able to miss us!

Help us to spread the word. Ask your friends and family to get involved by sharing the campaign by email or on social networks. Here’s a nifty little tool to make it super easy.

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