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Climate Crisis and the Environment (154)
Feb 1 2024 11:06am
UK: Greta Thunberg trial highlights 'alarming crackdown' on climate protesters
‘Greta Thunberg should be applauded for her peaceful climate protests,...
Dec 12 2023 2:52pm
UAE: authorities launch mass prosecution of human rights activists during COP28
Sham proceedings target more than 80 Emirati dissidents Ahmed Manso...
Dec 5 2023 11:52am
COP28: Record number of fossil fuel lobbyists at critical climate talks 'warped'
Lobbyists working on behalf of the fossil fuel industry at COP28 rises...
Nov 24 2023 8:00am
UAE: despite pledge to hold 'inclusive' COP, 64 dissidents still in Emirati jails
At least 64 Emiratis have been unlawfully jailed because of actual or ...
Sep 28 2023 5:10pm
Vietnam: Jail sentence for climate activist Hoang Thi Minh Hong condemned
Leading climate activist sentenced to three years in prison on trumped...
Sep 26 2023 7:51am
Europe: Six young people take 32 countries to European Court of Human Rights over climate change
Group will argue in landmark case that government inaction on climate ...
Sep 14 2023 5:02pm
Climate change: ‘Fast and fair’ fossil fuel phase-out needed
Fresh climate call comes as millions set to join protests ahead of nex...
Sep 12 2023 12:20pm
DR Congo: Huge expansion in cobalt and copper mining is ‘wrecking lives’ - new report
One-hundred page report shows how multinational mining companies are d...
Sep 8 2023 11:42am
G20: Leaders must take action to tackle ‘unparalleled’ crises of climate change and debt
Wealthy countries must fulfil climate finance commitments and increase...
Sep 7 2023 1:56pm
Education resources on Climate Change
  Educational resources to help you explore why climate change is a...