2014 (17)
Feb 16 2017 10:11AM
Good News for February
Vladimir Alimenkov - Russia
Feb 16 2017 10:11AM
Good News for December 2014
Iran - Blogger released
Nov 16 2014 3:55PM
Exeter Local Group Winter Fair - 29 November
On Saturday 29th November, the Exeter Local Group of Amnesty International will be holding their annual Winter Fair, at St Stephen's Church in the centre of Exeter.
Nov 16 2014 3:20PM
Good News for October 2014
Aceh, Indonesia
Nov 16 2014 3:19PM
Good News for November 2014
Mexico/Honduras - Angel Colon
Sep 13 2014 11:44AM
Good News for September 2014
Nigeria - Bundu Ama, Port Harcourt Community
Jul 10 2014 7:11PM
Good News for July 2014
Rwanda - Agnes Uwimana Nkusi
Jun 12 2014 7:19PM
Good News for June 2014
Nabeel Rajab - Bahrain This human rights activist has been freed after serving 2 years in prison for his involvement in 'illegal' protests.
May 18 2014 4:28PM
Make Devon a Traffick-Free Zone - 4th June, Exeter University
Unchosen, an organisation which shows films about slavery and people trafficking, are holding a roadshow, and Exeter University are hosting the Exeter leg!
May 18 2014 4:28PM
Exeter Respect Festival - 31st May-1st June
The sun's out, the barbecues are starting to make an appearance, it can only mean one thing - it's time for the Respect Festival!