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Good News for October 2014

Aceh, Indonesia

On 1st May, a 25 year old widow in the Indonesian province of Aceh was gang-raped by 8 men who accused her of adultery. This 'offence' is considered a crime under by-laws in the province so she was at risk of being caned. The local authorities had said that her terrible ordeal would not be taken into account in determining her punishment. She had been accused of having an affair with a married man. Having raped her and beaten her male companion, they were handed over to the local authorities by the local village head.

She is now out of detention and being supported by local women's groups and the goverment's service centre for women.

Indonesia - Young Papuan students released

On 2nd September, the second of 2 Papuan student activists, ONI WEA, aged 21 was released, following the earlier release of ROBERT YELEMAKEN, aged 16 on 18 August.

They had been detained for their peaceful political activism in Indonesia's West Papua Province. They were arrested for painting pro-independence graffiti calling for an independence referendum for Papua.

They were beaten, kicked and tortured by police during and after their arrest. As a result they had bleeding lips, chest pains and swollen faces.

Iran - Nasrin Sotoudeh

The Iranian human rights lawyer, who was released from prison last year, has resumed her important work.

The Prosecutor General of Tehran sought to revoke her license to practice law, but in August she went before the Disciplinary Tribunal for Lawyers and has received a full pardon from the Iranian authorities.


Published on behalf of Pam Thickett

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