Aug 13 2018 4:45PM
Sponsored Walk, 30 September 2018
Come and join our sponsored Walk round Exeter's Green Circle. Please help Exeter Amnesty Group fund letter writing, awareness raising and other local events to support human rights around the world over the next year. It is a great opp
Jan 10 2018 8:15PM
Donations welcome for 2018. Email to find out how to donate
Can you donate £10 to help us continue our human rights work? As a friend of the Exeter Group of Amnesty International you will be aware of the plight of prisoners around the world who are unjustly held or badly treated, and individual...
Dec 21 2017 5:29PM
Find us on Instagram & Twitter
You can now follow us via our Instagram and Twitter. Simply click the links or search for: Amnesty International Exeter We still have our Facebook page too which can be foun...
Dec 16 2017 3:34PM
Write for Rights- click here
Write for Rights, St Stephen's Exeter. 16th December 2017 What a great turnout in Exeter this morning! 45 people signed cards for Dr Mudawi, Issa Amro and Farid al-Atrash. We made 40 support messages for immigration detainees in the UK...
Nov 27 2017 5:36PM
Phoenix Exhibition Opening- click here
The opening of "The Price of Photography:1500 Days Behind Bars" on Friday evening was a great success. More than 40 people (including members of the Exeter, Mid-Devon, East Devon, Lyme Regis and Truro Amnesty Groups) came to listen to...
Oct 21 2017 1:03PM
Photo exhibition at Exeter Phoenix. Click here
The Price of Photography: 1500 Days Behind Bars is an exhibition of photojournalistic artwork by Egyptian prisoner of conscience, Mahmoud Abu Zeid (known as Shawkan), who is now paying the price for his peaceful work and is on trial. H...
Sep 13 2017 11:40AM
Sponsored Walk- CLICK HERE for more information
SPONSORED WALK 1ST OCTOBER. Our annual sponsored walk (a section of Exeter's Green Circle) is now confirmed for Sunday, 1st October. Please bring a picnic, snacks and water, sturdy footwear, raincoat, sunhat... We will meet near the Ta...
Aug 10 2017 4:40PM
Sponsored walk
Our annual sponsored walk is provisionally arranged for Sunday, 1st October. We plan to meet near the Tally Ho Pub (next to Countess Wear Village Hall) at 10am (for a 10.15 start). We are walking part of the Exeter Green Circle, anti-c...
May 11 2017 12:00PM
Exeter Pride 13th May- click for more details
Come out on Saturday 13th May To Exeter Pride. Exeter Amnesty will have a stall in Northernhay Gardens (12-3pm) where we will be signing letters supporting LGBTI activists in Turkey and Chechnya. We will also be tweeting 'Taiwan, will...
Feb 25 2017 8:16PM
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