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Good News for December 2014

Iran - Blogger released

Pioneering blogger Hossein Derakhshan was freed from prison on 19th November 2014 after 6 years' detention. Although a dual Canadian-Iranian citizen he was not permitted to receive help from the Canadian Embassy officials in Iran. Detained for about 19 months before his trial, he was then sentenced to 19.5 years' imprisonment.

Amnesty International believes he was targetted for the peaceful expression of his views in relation to his blogging, and called for his immediate and unconditional release. His blogs shared his views about reform in Iran and his many trips abroad.

Iran - Goncheh Ghavani

Having been sentenced to a year in prison for asking that women be allowed to attend volleyball matches, Ghoncheh has been released on bail.

She was slapped and dragged along the ground by police as she and other protestors requested to be allowed to watch the Iran vs. Italy match in Tehran.

She was unable to see her family for 50 days, prevented from speaking to her lawyers and threatened with not being able to walk out of prison alive.

She has now been sentenced to 1 years' imprisonment  for 'spreading propaganda against the system' and a 2 year travel ban. Having been released on bail on 23rd November (bail of 1 billion Rials), she has had to file an appeal within 20 days of 22nd November.

Philippines - Police torture

The Philippine Senate decided on 5th December to open an enquiry in response to evidence contained in the Amnesty Internatonal report 'Above the Law: Police Torture in the Philippines'. The enquiry involves the widespread and entrenched torture in the country.

Amnesty International sees this decision as a promising development against impunity. A report on Police Torture found that police have tortured hundreds of detainees with total impunity, though the latter contest that number.

Amnesty International Secretary, Salil Shetty, welcomes these first steps.

Afghanistan - Brishna

10 year old Brishna, the Afghan girl threatened with 'honour killing' after she was raped, is finally safe. Her rapist, a local cleric, has been found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Afghan authorities have committed to ensuring Brishna's safety. This case is being hailed as a watershed moment in Afghanistan - a country where women are too often targets of violence.

Over 30,000 people responded to Brishna's situation via AIUK, with tens of thousands of others globally, calling for the Afghan government to protect her and condemn 'honour killings'.


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1 comment

Ghoncheh Ghovami's appeal should have been lodged by December 12th.....does anyone know if this has been done, or if there is any news?


amikebird 6 years ago