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Good News for February

Vladimir Alimenkov - Russia

This Russian prisoner of conscience, and one of the Bolotnya 3, was freed by an amnesty at the end of December 2013. He was part of the Write for Rights Campaign.

Hakea Prison - Australia

A group of around 140 teenagers, who spent 10 months in Hakea prison for adults, was finally returned to a Juvenile Detention Centre in October 2013. After a disturbance earlier in the year, where cells at the Juvenile Detention Facility were damaged, the youngsters, while in Hakea Prison, faced intimidation, harrassment and up to 23 hours a day in their cell. Previously the Juvenile Facility had become increasingly instable due to staffing shortages.


The BBC reported that Turkish prosecutors wanted a policeman to go to jail for 3 years, for tear-gassing a protestor who became known as the 'woman in red'. Fatih Zengin has been accused of using excessive force against Ceyda Sungar, who was standing a short distance away and was behaving aggressively. The prosecutors want the dismissal of Mr Zengin and a prison sentence on the grounds that no warning was issued prior to the incident.

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