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Good News for November 2014

Mexico/Honduras - Angel Colon

This migrant from Honduras was tortured and imprisoned in Mexico for nearly 6 years, without even standing trial. He aimed to reach the USA and find a job in order to pay for medical treatment for his gravely ill son. While staying in Tijuana, northern Mexico, the house was raided and Angel was arrested.

Taken to a military base, he was hit, punched, kicked and repeatedly racially abused. He was nearly asphyxiated along with several other unrepeatable humiliations. After 4 years he was medically examined, though this was not finished. On 15th October, the Mexican Federal Attorney General agreed to drop all charges and released him unconditionally.

Afghan Women's Organisations

Australia's Federal Government has annoucned it will invest directly into grassrots Afghan Women's Orgnisations, provising AUSD $3.3 million to the Afghan Women's Network nd its member groups. The funding is part of the $17.7 mllion allocated to addressing violence against women in Afghanistan, in the hope that their freedom and safety are ensured.

Vietnam - Dieu Cay

This Vietnamese blogger, pen-name 'Peasant's Pipe', full name NGUYEN VAN HAI, was released from prison on 21st October after serving 4 years of a 12 year prison sentence. His health had rapidly deteriorated in the harsh prison conditions. Jailed for writing an online blog calling for an end to injustice and corruption in his country, he was declared a Prisoner of Conscience by Amnesty International.

Without his consent, immediately after his release he was taken to the airport with only the clothes he wore and put on a plane to the USA. Now in Los Angeles, he has revealed many more details.


Published on behalf of Pam Thickett

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