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2021 (15)
Sep 14 2021 9:15PM
South West Conference - Exeter

We're hosting the Amnesty International South West Conference!

Sep 14 2021 7:48PM
Good News Stories - September 2021

Mexico's Supreme Court judges unanimously voted to decriminalise abortion... And an Egyptian judge has dropped an investigation into at least six human rights defenders and NGO workers... Read more here:

Sep 14 2021 7:41PM
Good News Stories - August 2021

Sierra Leone's Parliment votes to abolish the death penalty... and three human rights activists are released from Egypt and Congo. Read more here...

Sep 14 2021 7:22PM
Good News Stories - July 2021

Good news from Cuba, Burundi and Saudi Arabia where four human rights activists have been released. Read more here...

Sep 12 2021 11:11AM
Craftivism at Exeter Amnesty

Craftivism as Activism- click on title to read about craftivism at Exeter Amnesty

Jun 6 2021 7:53PM
Good News Stories - June 2021

Slovenia has become the 13th country in Europe to adopt a consent-based law on rape. Read more here.

May 11 2021 5:41PM
Good News Stories - May 2021

Myanmar releases a satirical performer... Malawi's Supreme Court rules death penalty unconstitutional... And Amnesty restores Alexei Navalny’s prisoner of conscience status. Read more here.

May 11 2021 6:28PM
Good News Stories - April 2021

Good news from Thailand whom released footballer Hakeem al-Araibi... And Egypt release Dentist, Ahmad Al-Daydamoun. Read more here

Apr 11 2021 10:04AM
Tweet for Mohamed Lamine Haddi

Click on the headline to access a pdf of the Urgent Action with all the info you need to write or tweet.

Apr 10 2021 10:39AM
Write a Letter, Save a Life

All the information to write letters for the 9 cases in Amnesty International's Real Lives magazine, Spring 2021 can be found by clicking on the headline.