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2017 (15)
Nov 29 2017 11:00AM
'I wouldn’t wish this on anyone' - a Palestinian activist speaks out

By Issa Amro, a Palestinian activist and founder/coordinator of the Youth Against Settlements (YAS) group For five decades, Palestinians like myself have been persecuted in ways I would never wish upon anyone. We’ve been thrown out of...

Apr 24 2017 5:27PM
Surviving the ongoing crisis in Venezuela

By Marcos Gomez, Director of Amnesty Venezuela The seemingly endless crisis in Venezuela appears to have entered a new dark and alarming chapter. As if from the pages of a terrifying thriller, a crisis that seemed to have reached its...

Apr 7 2017 5:29PM
How to stir up a refugee crisis in five steps, Trump style

Written by Madeleine Penman, Mexico Researcher at Amnesty International. Originally published in IPS News. The sight of one of the most infamous borders on earth – roughly 1,000 kilometers of porous metal fence dividing lives, hopes...

Mar 31 2017 6:50PM
Together, we are stronger

By Shackelia Jackson, activist and sister of Nakiea, killed by the Jamaican police in 2014 As a relative of a young man killed by the police in Kingston, Jamaica, many people have asked me how my family copes with the pain, with having...

Mar 30 2017 5:38PM
Time for humankind to create a new reality

Written by Salil Shetty, Secretary-General at Amnesty International. Donald Trump had barely spent a month in the White House when his administration began translating his divisive campaign rhetoric into policy. Targeting people for...

Mar 17 2017 6:56PM
It's a human right to agitate the 'injustice' system

By Albert Woodfox. Listen to Albert's story in full on our new podcast. A year ago on 19 February 2016 I walked out of a Louisiana prison a free man after serving 44 years in solitary confinement. At that moment I became 'famous' as...

Mar 16 2017 4:34PM
Last night we won against the Muslim ban  - here’s why we have to keep fighting

Written by Naureen Shah, Amnesty International USA’s Director of National Security and Human Rights Overnight, two courts intervened to temporarily block Trump’s new Muslim ban, which was set to go into effect at midnight. This is a...

Mar 15 2017 10:17AM
Syria: Miraculous journeys, stranded hopes

Written by Monica Costa Riba, Regional Campaigner at Amnesty International. First published on CNN. Strapped onto either side of a horse, 30-year-old Alan Mohammad and his 28-year-old sister Gyan crossed craggy mountains from Iraq and...

Mar 1 2017 3:37PM
Trump’s anticipated new Muslim ban is a gross miscalculation

Written by Naureen Shah, Director of National Security and Human Rights at Amnesty International USA. The Trump administration is doubling down on the Muslim ban. The rewrite, expected Wednesday, suggests the administration believes it...

Feb 28 2017 6:30PM
The human rights violators’ playbook: how to respond to an Amnesty International report

By Anna Neistat, Amnesty International’s Senior Director for Research When we released a report documenting the mass hanging of thousands of prisoners in Syria’s Saydnaya Prison, the Syrian government was put on the back foot...

Feb 20 2017 7:23PM
Donald Trump is alienating his most valuable allies

Written by Salil Shetty, Secretary-General at Amnesty International. This piece was originally published in TIME. Even at a time when human rights are under relentless attack across the globe, the stories and images of human suffering...

Feb 9 2017 5:44PM
Nazanin: A letter to my daughter

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian charity worker, was at the airport returning to the UK when she was detained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and put in an Iranian prison. This is a translated version a letter Nazanin...

Jan 30 2017 4:24PM
The US war on Muslim refugees

The gloves are off. With Friday’s Executive Order on “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals,” President Donald J. Trump has declared war on Muslim refugees around the world. With the stroke of a pen, the...

Jan 26 2017 11:03AM
Trump’s global gag is a devastating blow for women’s rights

By Erika Guevara-Rosas, Amnesty's Americas Director The image of a group of men in suits making decisions about the rights of women is becoming an emblematic sign of the backlash against our human rights, particularly those related to...

Jan 20 2017 2:36PM
Standing up for human rights under President Trump’s administration

Written by Margaret Huang, executive director at Amnesty International USA On the 20th of January, the eyes of the world will be on Washington, DC as a new U.S. president takes the oath of office. Donald J. Trump and his administration...