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2014 (32)
Dec 22 2014 5:34PM
Chelsea Manning: ‘Why speaking out is worth the risk’

Chelsea Manning is serving a 35-year prison sentence for leaking classified US government documents to the website WikiLeaks. Why did you decide to leak documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? These documents were important...

Dec 3 2014 4:36PM
Where is the justice for torture victims in the Philippines?

When a man’s severed head turns up in Manila Bay with three gunshots through the cranium, one would reasonably expect the authorities to fast-track the investigation of such a grisly crime. But justice for the victim and the family...

Nov 26 2014 5:04PM
Young, Black, Alive - breaking the silence on Brazil's soaring youth homicide rate

Earlier this week, many people around the world waited with bated breath for a grand jury’s decision in a case where a police officer shot dead an unarmed young black man on the street. While the 9 August shooting of Michael Brown took...

Nov 9 2014 4:27PM
Palestinian homes as targets

Nearly three months have passed since the latest conflict came to an end, but the piles of rubble and empty shells of family homes in Gaza serve as painful reminders of the death and destruction that resulted from Israel’s latest...

Nov 6 2014 10:23PM
Living with Ebola in Freetown: 'It feels like the whole country is in quarantine'

Since the first cases of Ebola were reported in March, life in Sierra Leone has changed beyond recognition. So far, the World Health Organization has confirmed more than 5,200 Ebola cases in Sierra Leone alone and more than 13,700...

Nov 3 2014 4:26PM
Stoking the fire of Iraq's sectarian conflict

Unlike nearby villages recently captured by the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government from the armed group calling itself Islamic State, not a single villager has returned to Barzanke. As I go from house to house, it...

Oct 29 2014 12:33PM
'I am trying to make a change for the future': El Salvador's youth activists

When I was growing up, I was told that abortion was illegal. In school, you were taught about abortion from a religious perspective – that abortion is wrong. At first, I believed this. But I’ve had friends who got pregnant after they...

Oct 20 2014 11:10AM
Hong Kong protests: How young activists led the way

I wouldn’t say I am an organiser of the demonstrations – there is no one organiser here. But young people and students have definitely been the primary initiators. I fell into this role quite unexpectedly. I first ran for the post of...

Oct 10 2014 5:49PM
Our only option was to flee Libya by sea: a refugee's story

Syrian doctor Hasan Wahid survived a shipwreck in the Mediterranean on 11 October 2013 - the second of two shipwrecks near Lampedusa where over 500 people drowned. He told us his family's story of the impossible choices – and terrible...

Oct 1 2014 12:53PM
Hong Kong: 'I have not seen anything like this in decades'

The streets of Hong Kong are hard to recognize these days. The exhilarating energy filling the city’s main roads, crowded with hopeful protesters, is something I have not seen since I was a young student back in 1989, when we took to...

Sep 22 2014 3:00PM
Destroying Islamic State may push Lebanon to the brink

With momentum building over the US and its international partners carrying out airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Syria as well Iraq, almost nothing has been said about what this might mean in terms of population flows and new...

Sep 19 2014 2:21PM
Nigeria needs to call time on torture

The next few months will determine whether Chinwe’s life is changed forever. Accused of murder by a corrupt and brutal police force, he faces spending his remaining years behind bars. He is at risk of being convicted by a Nigerian...

Sep 16 2014 11:46AM
It's time for the US to stop fuelling the conflict in Israel and Gaza

As the UN General Assembly begins its meeting today in New York City, Amnesty International is delivering 187,563 signatures to the White House in a global call to cut off weapons fuelling abuses in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian...

Sep 15 2014 10:48AM
Tortured by Mexican marines

My name is Claudia Medina. Two years ago, in the middle of the night, marines entered my home in Veracruz, Mexico. They didn’t show me a court order, but blindfolded me and took me away. For 36 long hours they kept me in solitary at a...

Sep 10 2014 4:21PM
A letter from a Syrian activist to an American mother

To the mother of James Foley, I want to express my sincerest condolences for the loss of your son, James Foley. It was with shock and sorrow to know what had happened to him by those vicious killers. My thoughts are with you and your...

Aug 21 2014 11:14AM
Escape from Sinjar Mountain, but what next?

After a harrowing escape, first from their hometown of Qahtanya and then from Sinjar Mountain – where they were stuck for eight days with very little food or water – Suleiman Shaibo Sido, his wife and their eight children, all members...

Aug 14 2014 12:02PM
'They know who did it and they're not acting': The Gatumba massacre 10 years on

On Saturday I listened while survivors of the Gatumba massacre recounted the horrors they witnessed on the night of August 13th 2004, when more than 160 Congolese Banyamulenge Tutsis were hunted down and killed at a refugee camp in...

Aug 6 2014 5:23PM
In Israel, as in Gaza, human rights are the last line of protection

My brother and I are experiencing the current Israel-Gaza conflict quite differently. He is 20, serving out his military service and has been fighting in Gaza. I, on the other hand, am the Executive Director of Amnesty International...

Aug 1 2014 12:33PM
Life in Gaza: terror at night and massacres in the day

Last Monday and Tuesday were the scariest days and nights since the current conflict began. The violence finally reached the area where I live. The area where I, my children and neighbours, had thought it was safe. After I finished my...

Jul 31 2014 11:22AM
'We are all Gaza': Palestinian anger in the West Bank

Across the city of Ramallah in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) hang billboards and banners showing images of bloodshed and destruction alongside the words: “Here now, we are all Gaza”. Many of these posters, which I also saw...