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2016 (11)
Dec 13 2016 2:46PM
Living in colour: life as a humanitarian nurse and campaigner for refugees

In her mid-50s Alison Criado-Perez transformed her life. She returned to nursing, joined Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and began working in humanitarian crises around the world. She explains how what she saw turned her into an active...

Nov 29 2016 5:02PM
Harrowing tales of IS abuses and militia revenge paint grim picture for justice for Mosul atrocities

By Diana Eltahawy, Iraq researcher at Amnesty International, Northern Iraq As the battle to recapture Mosul from the grip of the armed group calling itself the Islamic State (IS) has unfolded in recent weeks, gruesome details have...

Aug 23 2016 4:50PM
After escaping war, what awaits Syrian children in Europe?

By Gauri van Gulik, first published by CNN The horrific situation facing Syria’s children, graphically captured by the haunting image of five-year-old Omran Daqneesh, shocked and bloodied in the back of an ambulance after being pulled...

Aug 15 2016 1:30PM
The long crossing to Hungary: refugees between borders and barbed wire

Written by Todor Gardos and Alice Wyss, Europe researchers at Amnesty International "The journey has been so difficult, especially for my child," Noor*, a 27-year-old woman from Afghanistan tells us. I have had to watch her be scared...

Aug 9 2016 2:00PM
Chelsea Manning faces new charges for attempting suicide

By Justin Mazzola, Attorney and researcher at Amnesty USA The news was hard to take when I first learned of it on 7 July – Chelsea Manning , who publicly stood up and took responsibility for releasing materials she felt would...

Jun 20 2016 4:26PM
The former refugee who rescued his own family on a Greek beach

We talk to Ghias Aljundi (pictured above left, in yellow), who fled to the UK from Syria 18 years ago. He is one of thousands volunteering to help refugees arriving in Greece since last year. But he’d never expected that one day he’d...

Jun 8 2016 2:38PM
Nowhere safe: Refugee women on the Greek islands live in constant fear

Afghan journalist "Shirin" (not her real name) says she was once shot at by the Taliban. But despite fleeing her country to seek safety, she now lives in constant fear in a squalid Greek refugee camp. 'We are treated like animals. I'd...

May 26 2016 12:00AM
Out of the shadows: fighting for the rights of sex workers

By Catherine Murphy, Amnesty Policy Advisor 'Six police officers did sex to me one by one. They were armed with guns so I had to do it,' Mona, a mother of two in her late thirties told us, tears streaming down her cheeks. The gang rape...

Apr 21 2016 6:41PM
Here’s how Europe welcomed a young Afghan man who fled the Taliban

Written by Conor Fortune, News Writer at Amnesty International You can’t stop a ship dead in its tracks, but sometimes you can change its course. And that’s what happened recently in the Aegean Sea in a new twist in the evolving...

Mar 14 2016 4:16PM
I want you to know what Assad’s regime is doing to the people of Syria

My name is Tony. I’m writing because I want you to get the real story, to know what President Assad’s regime is really doing to the people of Syria. When the Syrian uprising began five years ago, it was simply a group of people who had...

Feb 10 2016 5:30PM
10 ways you help us respond to a crisis

During war and conflict, crisis researcher Joanne Mariner is the first on the ground to gather evidence of serious human rights abuses. She tells us how your support makes her life-changing work possible. 1. Training 'I’ve had training...