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I want you to know what Assad’s regime is doing to the people of Syria

My name is Tony. I’m writing because I want you to get the real story, to know what President Assad’s regime is really doing to the people of Syria.

When the Syrian uprising began five years ago, it was simply a group of people who had hope for the future. They didn’t want a war.

But that’s exactly what the Syrian government gave them. A war that targets families, hospitals and schools.

I work for Lamba Media Production – a group of Syrian media activists, photographers, actors and producers. We risk our lives every day to shed light on what’s happening in Syria and to document the atrocities being carried out on the Syrian people.

We’re working with Amnesty to gather powerful 360° photos of the devastation caused by barrel bombs – makeshift weapons, filled with scrap metal, dropped on us from above by the Syrian army.

Everyone here is young and Syrian. Nearly all of us have a parent, a sibling, a cousin, dear friends or colleagues who have died in this devastating war. We have all lost a city we call home.

We are all grieving but instead of choosing to pick up weapons, we choose to pick up cameras to tell our stories to the people of the world in the hope that they will do something.

See the evidence and share it – help spread this far and wide 

Why do we risk our lives?

We believe that telling stories can change things. We believe that eventually this war will end and people will talk – this will be the solution to our problems.

Before we began, there was only the regime’s media, only their side of the story. We want to provide the Syrian people – and the rest of the world – with the right information so they can think objectively and make up their own minds. 

Together with Amnesty, our footage will help to form a body of evidence of the war crimes and human rights abuses in Syria. They bring us one small step closer to holding the perpetrators of these atrocities to account. 

Written by Tony al Taieb CEO Lamba Media Production



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