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War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity (265)
Jul 27 2021 12:28pm
The UN's student partner in Syria helped torture students
By Mansour Omari The UN Development Program in Syria is working dir...
Jul 13 2021 6:57pm
Afghanistan: Reprehensible execution of surrendering soldiers is a 'war crime'
According to CNN, the footage was taken last month in the town of Dawl...
    Jun 10 2021 4:00pm
    China: 'Crimes against humanity' being committed in Xinjiang - new report
    Hundreds of thousands of Muslim minorities subjected to mass internmen...
      Jun 8 2021 4:12pm
      Bosnia / Herzegovina: Ratko Mladić appeal loss 'historic moment' for victims of genocide
      Original verdict confirmed - Ratko Mladić sentenced to life imprisonme...
        Jun 4 2021 5:24pm
        The Gaza Deja vu
        By Ahmed Masoud - @masoud_ahmed 20 May 2021 Rolling news humming...
        May 18 2021 12:45pm
        USA: Biden's approval of weapons sale to Israel puts civilians at greater risk
        $735m arms sale announced despite rapidly rising civilian death toll i...
          May 17 2021 8:28pm
          Israeli attacks on homes in Gaza must be investigated as war crimes
          Bombardments following ‘horrific’ pattern of 2014, when Israeli milita...
            May 13 2021 10:59am
            Israel/Gaza: likely war crimes by Israeli military and Palestinian armed groups
            Israeli attacks on residential towers in Gaza are collective punishmen...
              Apr 29 2021 4:52pm
              UK: Dropping 'licence to torture' proposals must signal end of attack on human rights
              Overseas Operations Bill receives Royal Assent after Government climbd...
                Apr 14 2021 6:37pm
                Ethiopia: Eritrean troops kills more civilians in Tigray - eyewitness evidence
                Eritrean forces opened fire on civilians in town of Adwa, killing thre...