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War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity (283)
Jul 7 2022 1:20pm
Ukraine: more Russian war crimes in 'reckless' attack on Odesa town - new investigation
At least 21 civilians killed in Black Sea resort of Serhiivka after ap...
Jun 30 2022 1:00am
Ukraine: Mariupol theatre attack was 'a clear war crime' - new investigation
Detailed investigation incorporates testimony from dozens of survivors...
Jun 13 2022 1:00am
Ukraine: Russia used cluster bombs and unguided rockets in 'horrific' assault on Kharkiv
Detailed eyewitness testimonies show horror of attacks, with hundreds ...
May 31 2022 6:01pm
Myanmar: 150,000 displaced and hundreds killed during military attacks in Eastern States - new report
Military onslaught in Kayin and Kayah States includes war crimes and l...
May 30 2022 9:00am
5 Ways Humanity Won This Year (So Far)
This month marks 61 years of Amnesty UK working to defend peop...
May 17 2022 6:52pm
Ukraine/Russia: The rights of Ukrainian prisoners of war from Azovstal must be protected
Responding to the news that the Ukrainian soldiers who were besieged i...
May 14 2022 1:38pm
The Tadamon Massacre - Six Minutes that Shocked a Nation
By Mansour Omari  I'm recovering from a stroke. My doctors said the...
May 6 2022 9:25am
Ukraine: further evidence of Russian war crimes in Bucha and other towns - new report
On-the-ground investigation documents 22 cases of unlawful killing in ...
Apr 7 2022 1:00pm
Ukraine: Russian forces extrajudicially executed civilians in apparent war crimes - new testimonies
Amnesty investigators interviewed more than 20 people from villages an...
Apr 4 2022 6:36pm
Ukraine: apparent war crimes in Bucha must be investigated
Following reports of apparent war crimes committed by Russian military...